Puente's Senate Bill 1070 "Cultural Night of Resistance"

Puente is hosting a 1070-inspired art walk
It's been a year since Arizona's infamous immigration law, Senate Bill 1070, went into effect, gutted though it was, by the federal court.

While this could be cause for celebration by nativist politicians and their supporters, a community will gather in Phoenix to celebrate the fight against the state's bigoted immigration statute.

Puente, a Phoenix-based human-rights group, will be hosting a SB 1070 art walk along with other theatrical events on Friday night at El Portal, the Mexican restaurant located Grant Street and First Avenue that's owned by Maricopa County Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox.

Local artists will be showcasing their SB 1070-inspired art along with some local musical acts performing, all while enjoying free food.

"It's a very political and conscious [event]," says Sandra Castro, Puente member and event organizer.

Along with the art walk and musical performances, there will also be a year's worth of video footage from protests against the anti-immigrant law. 

Sandra adds that the event is just a reminder of all the fighting Arizona has done in order to put a stop to the state's immigration law.

"We have a year fighting back and we're going to continue to fight back," she stated.

In addition to all the rallies that Puente's organized over the past year, it has called for a boycott of Arizona. Puente's gone so far as to campaign against Latino-related events in Arizona, such as Mexican singer Vicente Fernandez's recent Phoenix concert and a Mexican soccer match played earlier this month in Glendale.

More recently they were the lone organization in Arizona to call for a boycott of the Major League Baseball All-Star Game, when national groups failed to pressure the MLB to move the game out of Arizona. 

If you missed any SB 1070 rallies throughout the year or want to reminisce about Arizona's political fight against the breathing-while-brown law, El Portal will be the spot for you tomorrow night.

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The woman in the picture above is going to be deported along with her guitar. Vamanos!!


Sooner or later, you foreign nationals, and enablers thereof, are going to be overwhelmed by millions of Americans who are in the process of waking up bigtime to your intransigent, lawless, and illegitimate behavior in this nation you don't belong in.

Enemy of Evil Bastards
Enemy of Evil Bastards

Just exactly how many times were you dropped on your head as a kid?  Geez, what a dumbass!

Dave Francis
Dave Francis

Either party, Democrat, Republican are completely ignorant or  justintentionally remain unconcerned about the massive expenditures forpandering to the illegal alien invasion. The federal debt ceiling andall 50 States have huge deficits from the illegal immigrationoccupation. Schools, health care and programs that is reducing Americato a pauper nation. You as the American people must start yelling atthe politicians in Washington, to demand they recognize that this issueis part of the discretionary spending. Only Rep. Michele Bachmann R-MN)Leader of the Tea Party Caucus, speaks out about this issue, witha conviction that this is part of our national issues. Bombard them withyou voices, tell them no Amnesty, No Immigration Reform, no Sanctuarycities or States and No Dream Acts.

 This needs to be repeated that When (Fair)analyzed the cost of illegal immigration and its nationwide deficit,they cameup with a stunning figure of $113 billion dollars annually, whileillegal alienrevenue to the government coffers was a total amount of $13Billiondollars andchange.Not included in these illegal foreign labors is wages leaving thecountry toforeign nations, estimated to be 46 Billion dollars? Our economy issinking andthe Obama administration is insisting on passage of another Amnestyfailure.Heritage Foundation has stated that cost for processing another Amnestyexpenditure is another 2.5 Trillion dollars,

Breakdown of revenue to supportillegal migrants and illegal immigrants.Federal Expenditures on Illegal Aliens

                                  Education Title 1 program $1,332,900,000                                  Migrant education program $236,900,000                                  Title 111 program $538,000,000 

EducationSubtotal $2,107,800,000

                                  Medical Emergency medical care$250,000,000                                  Fraudulent use of Medicaid$1,235,000,000                                  Medicaid cost of childbirth$1,238,100,000                                  Medicaid for children $1,626,800,000                                   other medical outlays$1,600,000,000  

Medical Subtotal $5,949,900,000  

Lawenforcement      Scaap compensation $330,000,000                                   Federal incarceration$678,400,000

                                   Byrne grants $24,300,000

                                   Detention and removal $2,545,000,000

                                   Project safe neighborhoods$39,500,000 

                                   Residual ice functions $2,824,000,000

                                   Exec. Office of immigration review$222,500,000

                                   Southwest border prosecution$33,000,000

                                   National Guard $642,000,000

                                   Coast Guard$500,000,000                   

LawEnforcement Subtotal $7,838,700,000 

Publicassistance       Freeand reduced meal program $2,264,600,000                                   Temporary assist. Needy families$1,030,000,000                                    Housing assistance programs $637,000,000                                    Childcare & development fund $633,000,000                                    Public Assistance Subtotal$4,564,600,000

Generalexpenditures $8,184,400,000

                                TOTAL $28B, 645,400,000

State/LocalExpenditures on IllegalAliens ($ M)

Alabama$298 Illinois $4B,592Montana $32 Rhode Island $278Alaska $139 Indiana $608 Nebraska $262 S. Carolina $391Arizona $2B,569 Iowa $350 Nevada $1B,191 S. Dakota $33Arkansas $244 Kansas $442 New Hampshire $123 Tennessee $547California $21B,756 Kentucky $280 New Jersey $3B,478 Texas $8,878Colorado $1,451 Louisiana $224 New Mexico $608 Utah $453Connecticut $957 Maine $41 New York $9B,479 Vermont $38Wash D.C. $312 Maryland $1B,724 N. Carolina $2B,063 Virginia $1B,905Delaware $305 Massachusetts. $1B, 862 N. Dakota $32 Washington State $1B, 510;  Florida $5B,463 Michigan $929, Ohio $563 W. Virginia. $31; Georgia $2B; 399 Minnesota, $744 Oklahoma $465 Wisconsin $883.Hawaii $155 Mississippi. $106 Oregon $705 Wyoming $51, Idaho $188 Missouri $338,Penn. $1B,378

                               STATE AND MUNICIPAL TOTAL $83B,851


 Categoryfederal                                                                            State/local

Income-$2,302,800,000                                                                  $244,200,000Social security $7,000,000,000Medicare tax $1,637,100,000Excise and miscellaneous $2,489,700,000Employer (FUTA & income) $632,600,000                                                                                   Property tax $1,378,000,000                                                                                          Sales tax $2,333,000,000

If you as a taxpayerwants to keep paying financial support for 20 million illegal aliensoutlaws, then you deserve higher taxes and loss of jobs. Read theprojections of future years if our borders remain unsecured, or notracking system for 40 percent of visa over stays, who disappear andall take American workers jobs. Go to the Heritage Foundation website,NumbersUSA or Judicial Watch and read for the dollar figures that willturn your stomach sour. This is a patriotic chance to help your fellowjobless countryman byCalling House Leadership NOW Call the Capitol Switchboard at202-224-3121



Be careful the El Portal failed numerous health inspections


Just like your mom did when she went to the free clinic. 


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