Jan Brewer Brigade Bill Passes Senate, and the Arizona Guard's Tim Guiney Speaks

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"Tim Guiney" will show no mercy to Kyl or McCain (sorry for the poor quality reproduction)...

Despite all this blather about immigration-related bills being "held" by state Senate President Russell Pearce until there's a budget, Senate Bill 1495, which would give the governor the power to call up a presumably nativist "state guard" anytime she wants, passed the Senate yesterday, 21-9.

All nine Democrats voted against the bill. Though Republican state Senator Frank Antenori expressed misgivings about the bill's broad, vague language in committee, and said that he planned to vote against the bill on the Senate floor, he rolled over as well, and voted "yes."

As I've blogged previously, all Dems and Republicans -- lefties, righties and those in-between --should be concerned about the bill becoming law. The idea is that somehow the state guard would help "secure the border" against an illegal alien "invasion." None of that language is in the bill, but its supporters have made clear that this is what the proposal will address.

Already the Arizona governor has the power to create a state guard if the Arizona National Guard has been activated by the feds. But this undefined state guard can be called up, "for any other reason the governor considers to be necessary."

Once the "revolution" gets going, steer clear of "Tim Guiney"

And that's whether the governor is Jan Brewer or Janet Napolitano. An identical bill in the state House could be voted on at any time. It's likely to be passed and signed by the governor.

Some anti-immigrant militia groups love the idea of being taken into the state government's fold, and they believe the governor will invoke a state guard not long after it becomes law. One of these is a group registered with the Arizona Corporation Commission as Arizona State Guard, LLC, but is doing business as the Arizona Guard.

Charles Yuditsky and Tim Guiney are the two men fronting the Arizona Guard, which Guiney recently assured me has no connection with the infamous Arizona Guard once run by convicted felon and neo-Nazi-befriender Casey Nethercott.

Though I didn't connect with Guiney for a blog on the upcoming RifleStock, a militia camp-out scheduled for March 18 in southern Arizona, I got hold of Guiney last night. Though the Arizona Guard's Web page brags of doing security for RifleStock, Guiney informed me that his group of about 21 persons would not be doing security now, though he said Arizona Guard would have a presence at the event.

Guiney claimed not to know Alaskan survivalist Franke Schein, who has been pimping the outing and appears connected to the organizers. Schein's the author of the Lone Wolf Resistance Manual, which informs readers on how to make "boobytraps" and "home made explosives," as well teaching "ambush techniques" and "prisoner handling."

In any case, Guiney seemed unconcerned about the broadness of the bill's language, or the fact that state guard participants would have to hand over all of their personal info to the government. 

"If someone wants to find us, they can find us [already]," Guiney said of the government. 

The militiaman also shared that "Arizona State Guard, LLC," would in time be a money-making proposition. He said that he and Yuditsky wanted to make it "a security guard company eventually."

I wondered why they made a point of stating in a House committee that they were  now calling themselves the "Arizona Guard." He said they didn't want to cause any confusion, as the bill refers to a "state guard."

He told me that his group was not violent, racist or affiliated with any skinhead groups. He even boasted of having a Jamaican fellow in his ranks.

Guiney said watchdog groups such as the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center have the militia movement all wrong.

"Most of the people in the militia movement are folks just like me," he said. 

You know, regular Joes, albeit heavily-armed regular Joes.

Along those lines, I asked Guiney about an incendiary rant made in his name on the Web site patriotactionnetwork.com.

In it, "Tim Guiney" states, "Both [U.S. Senators] Kyle and McCain are a waste of our time. They both need to be defeated the next time around...They are frauds and traitors to this country, and if I ever get them in my cross hairs, I will not hesitate!"

The passage concludes on an apocalyptic note:

"God Bless All You Patriots, and if you aren't, then may God have mercy on your ssouls [sic], because I will not! I will shoot each and every one of you traitorous b******. Once the revolution has started, of course. I wouldn't want to offend any left-wing liberals, and make them cry!"

Guiney said he didn't remember the site, and hedged on whether or not he had made this post, which dates to 2009. When I read him the first couple of lines, he seemed willing enough to own it.

"It could be," he admitted.  "I'm not happy with those guys [Kyle and McCain]."

When I read him the rest of the first passage, he hemmed and hawed, and said the cross hairs reference could have multiple interpretations.

"Some people have a bad day," he said. "Maybe I had a bad day."

But when I read him the part about shooting all non-patriots, he immediately disowned it.

"That does not sound like me," he said.

Later, he seemed pretty sure he didn't author the passage, though he was concerned on how I was planning to write it up and asked me to be fair.

I suppose there could be another "Tim Guiney" in the militia movement in Arizona, but there are several posts by "Tim Guiney" on that site, and one of them lists his phone number, the same number I called him on. Maybe "Tim Guiney" is Tim Guiney's evil twin.

Something to think about as this "state guard" legislation advances in the House and almost inevitably becomes law. Should the state guard be created by this governor, watch out all you "non-patriots" along the lines of U.S. Senators Jon Kyl and John McCain. You could have a target on your backs.

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U.S. Watchman
U.S. Watchman

The corrupt, federal agencies are allowing cartels, drug, human, and weapons trafficking, and even al qaida and taliban to slip right across our Border and into our Country.

Governor Brewer is doing an OUTSTANDING job in getting this thing off the ground. 

Did you know that a southern portion of Arizona is completely closed off to the public because the cartels have complete control of that territory?

Did you know that there have been more deaths in Juarez than in Baghdad?

Did you know that more than half of all illegal immigration, drug, human, and weapons smuggling, that happens along the U.S. / Mexico Border, happens in Arizona alone? More so than Texas, New Mexico, and California combined. That is a serious, serious problem! It's an insurgency, and it's time that the free, sovereign State of Arizona takes a stand, and stops and puts an end to this insurgency.

Did you know that ranchers and farmers, U.S. Citizens, living along the U.S. / Mexico Border, some have been overrun and killed by the cartel?  

The American Border Wars is America's "Silent War." The only ones that really know what's going on are those that live in a U.S. / Mexico Border State. Why aren't we going into Mexico to clean house, and get the Mexican Government back to the right people? No offense to the Mexican Population by any means, but it's because there are NO American interests in Mexico. No oil?

Well, I guess there's an interest, that interest being globalist. The U.N. wants there to be a North American Union / Union of North America. They don't want there to be any more borders between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. They want them to be completely united without borders. This is one of the many things, agenda, and propaganda that is destroying the U.S. Constitution and our sovereignty as a Nation. 

We have a serious, serious problem, and some corrupt, U.S. federal agents have been assisting the cartels.

We have every right to take every bit of Arizona Land back from the cartels.

This is an insurgency. It will be stopped. We will put an end to it, immediately. The land in Southern Arizona completely controlled by the cartels, we're going to take it back. We're going to push them back to Mexico, or do whatever is necessary to make Arizona, and its People safe. The federal government can't stop us. In fact, I hope they try.

Freedom, Liberty, and Justice for ALL!!!

"Resistance to tyrants is obedience to GOD."- Thomas Jefferson

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."- Sir Edmund Burke  

U.S. Watchman
U.S. Watchman

No offense whatsoever to Leonardclark385, and before I say anything further, thank you for your service, Sir.

I was a little confused by your comment, "right wing fascists...Starting up right-wing para-military militias just like now exist and terrorize people in Columbia and Iraq."

First, it's almost impossible for a true right-winger to be a fascist because most right-wingers, at least the ones that I know of, are conservative and very, very pro-Constitution.

I agree if you're referring to Republicans and Democrats being the same these days. There is LITTLE difference. Both are corrupt parties. Both are in bed with fascism. Both are destroying the U.S. Constitution. No Doubt.

I claim NO party. I'm a Constitutionalist.

Also, concerning the U.S. Constitution, it is completely Constitutional that the free States have volunteer, active militia groups. It is the job, duty, and right of the free People to secure the borders of each and every individual free State. It was NEVER meant to be the job of the federal government. Same thing with our Nation's border with Mexico and Canada. It is the job, duty, and right of the free People to secure our Nation's Border, NOT the federal government's. 

Granted, they've been doing it for a long time, but we gave them the power to do it. And they've done a lowsey job. We have scandals going on all of the time such as that of the ATF's "Fast and Furious," wherewith, because of such a scandal, Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry lost his life. 

Again, it's the job, duty, and right of the free People and free States to make sure each individual State and its Border are secured.

Constitutional American Militias are NOTHING like those of Columbia, and especially NOTHING like those in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.

Granted, there may be a few loose cannons out there that make everyone else and the very word Militia look and sound bad, but I can guarantee that is NOT the U.S. Militia as a whole.

We love America. We love our Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and the many Freedoms, Liberties, and Justices for ALL written therein, given to U.S. by the LORD GOD HIMSELF.

Some say and believe that the Militia is the National Guard, but it most certainly is NOT. The National Guard is a standing, federally funded army and military, NOT a Militia. A Militia is strictly volunteer, made up of the free People of each individual free State. We are NOT paid. We supply and support ourselves with weapons, ammunition, vehicles, fuel, food, water, etc. That is precisely what our Founding Fathers had in mind for each individual free State.

We, the free People, Citizens of this Nation, and Citizens of the many free States, Constitutional State Militias, are the last line of defense for the free States. Each individual State is 100% sovereign, and has its own job, duty, and right to ensure that free State remains free and secure. That is exactly what our Founding Fathers had in mind.

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with U.S. Constitutional State Militias.

Freedom, Liberty, and Justice for ALL!!!

Semper Fidelis    


Arizona has had private militia groups for several years now.

Some of these are true paramilitary operations, with former military members who have been trained in Tactical Ground Operations. These groups conduct their efforts as "black" operations, remaining well below the radar of Mr Lemmons, and well below that of the federal "authorities" who have utterly abandoned any claim to legitimacy as far as securing our southern borders.

Because these groups operate completely in the black, they are far more successful in countering the cross-border paramilitary incursions that are being launched by the drug cartel mercenaries in mexico. Because the drug cartels don't know who the members are, who the leadership is, or where and when they might suddenly appear, they don't know who to target for assassination, nor do they know who to bribe.

These groups, by conducting covert operations using the same standards that have been so well-proven by the US Military Special Operations Command, strike the mercenaries without warning, and leave no trace behind afterwards.

This is why the majority of the media has never reported on these actions; no evidence is ever left behind that might prove that these actions ever took place.

Some of the other groups, the ones that we hear the most about, are circus acts; headline-grabbing stunts for the public spotlight, like the antics of the Tim Guiney or JT Ready groups. The truth is that the neo-Nazi skinhead types are all as much in love with themselves as John McCain is, and they are just as ineffective at securing our border. They are so in love with themselves that they just cannot pass up an opportunity to see themselves on TV or in newsprint, broadcasting just exactly where their next border operation will be conducted.

Newsflash: the drug cartel terrorists can READ. When they read in the news media that JT Ready and his Flying Circus, or Tim Guiney and his Knuckledragger Band are going to be operating on the west side of mountain A on the coming weekend, then the drug cartels will direct their operations to travel around the east side of the same mountain, thereby avoiding the area where they know that these clowns will be all piling out of the same funny little clown car.

The fact that either of these types of private groups exist at all is because the feds have so repeatedly proven that they are completely incapable of dealing adequately with the cross- border paramilitary terrorist threat. The federal actions for the past ten years have been neither concrete nor effective. They have, in fact, been utterly pointless and flaccid.

Were there no reason for these private groups to exist, then they would not be operating all along our southern border, every day and every night. The fact is, these guys will be out on "the line" again tonight. There is no amount of hand-wringing, nor of smug self-righteousness, that will change that fact. These types of groups exist, and they are conducting combat patrols without asking for anyone else's cooperation or permission. They are all, in truth, looking for a fight. According to more than one report, they have found exactly that on more than one occasion.

Similarly, if there were no reason for the activation of the Arizona State Guard, then the current effort in our state Legislature to see that accomplished would not exist. Such a deeply motivated and well-resourced political effort can not be explained away by simple name-calling nor by machete-waving. The Tim Guineys and the JT Readys aren’t the ones that are making this happen. We have not yet seen the real powers behind this campaign. The Guineys and the JT Readys are just tactical diversions, meant to distract us all from what is really going on. Such political maneuvering is right out of Machiavelli's "The Prince". Some very, very crafty group is calling the shots on this one, folks.

The smug self-righteous hand-wringers can stand on the rooftops and call these guys “nativists”, “white supremacists”, “right-wing nutjobs”, or “fascists” until their machete-waving arms get tired. But name-calling only makes the hand-wringers feel better personally, it does nothing to address the real issue. In fact, name-calling is their way of not dealing with the real issues at all. The hand-wringers are nothing more than a bunch of Charlie Sheens, waving their machetes from the rooftops.

The name-calling that these Sheenistas practice, to demonize the militias, are just pathetic attempts to sweep the real problem under the rug in their own minds. They only resort to name-calling so that they don’t have to deal with the real issue.

The real issue is that Arizona has a hostile neighbor to our south, that this neighbor is sending armed paramilitary (and sometimes regular uniformed military) forces across our border and into our state. There is no such thing as an armed, uniformed, foreign military presence ever being a good thing. That is always bad.

The existence of the Arizona “black ops” groups, the crazy clown groups, and the existence of what appears to be a highly coordinated political effort to get the Arizona State Guard activated, all exist for this same reason.

Until the hand-wringers can get up off their backsides and actually form some kind of coordinated political opposition, then the Arizona State Guard becoming a reality is merely a matter of time. It WILL become a fact, and no amount of Sheenista machete-waving from the rooftops will make a whit of difference.

What everyone needs to understand, however, is that neither the “black ops” guys, nor the Guiney/Ready clowns, want to have anything whatsoever to do with the Arizona State Guard. It is not in their nature to “join up” with such a government-run operation.

Such government-sanctioned operations have always been marked by corruption, waste, fraud, and abuse, and neither of the current crop of private militia groups will want to have anything to do with that sort of stupidity. The Guineys and the Readys see themselves, each in their own way, as better solutions than anything that the government could ever cook up.

You won’t see these guys becoming a part of the Arizona State Guard. What you will see is that they will continue and even expand their own operations, separate and apart from whatever the Arizona State Guard winds up doing.

These guys will always “go their own way” no matter how hard the Sheenistas wave their little machetes, and no matter what our State Legislature waves around as a public distraction.


Jan "headless bodies" Brewer would abuse the law even if she signed it. Because she is Russell Pearce's puppet.

The only other reason I can think of that somebody like the Republicans would want a bill like this is when the citizens finally open their eyes and realize that we're still in financial ruin and call for the elected officials' heads on silver platters. This new 'state guard' would protect the dimwitted Republicans from us while they escape to their fuhrerbunker.....

Maybe the Flaccid Fool would "deputize" them. You know, just like he did with Lou Ferrignio and Steven Seagal. And even they are embarrassed to be seen with the Old Fool..... Just take a look at Joe's bullshit "jail shakedown"......


Great article, Mr. Lemons! This creep Tim Guiney sounds just like Alaska's militia terrorist Shaeffer Cox:


Don't tell Guiney, but things have not worked out so well for Cox. ;-)


Arizona and Alaska militia's being legalized in Arizona. #lawrence the shooting starts soon. Now the federal guys will get involved.


Next will be Arizona Concentration Camps for all those that don't obey their commands.

Mtn Girl
Mtn Girl

Great, let's all say goodbye to fiscal conservatism, less government, and the historic parts of Arizona that are worth saving. Jan "we have did balanced the budget" Brewer and Russell Pearce's vision for Arizona = Power-Trippin, Mega-Funded Insanity. NO thanks to all who voted for these uneducated clowns, their minions and subsequently big, no make that huge, benefactors.

SE Valley
SE Valley

This is absolutely absurd. So if the unions, immigrants or Democrats are protesting, all she has to do is call out her troops to break it up. And what if someone gets voted in as governor that is even worse than Brewer, if that's possible. We have no way of knowing how they might use it. People , this is scary. It just seems more like Hitler's regime all the time.

More Coffee, Mein Fuhrer ?
More Coffee, Mein Fuhrer ?

A.R.S. 26-174Section 1. (A,B,C,)Amending Section 26-174S.B. 1495

Establishmentof the Arizona State Guard.

In 1933, a State Guard was established for the protection of Germany's citizens.Adolf Hitler called them...the "Gestapo".

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

In a time when the state should be conserving and trying to save money does it really make sense to pass legislation to form an un-needed government supported entity? This bill makes about as much sense as a former U.S. president who muttered, "It depends on what your definition of 'is' is".... The elected governor of this state really needs to pull her head firmly out of her south end and veto this bill if it should pass. Maybe she could shoot holes in it with her Colt 45, the State Gun....


Mr. Lemon, I would challenge you to go camping in Cochise or Pinal County in some locations I might suggest. Until you know the problem - and understand that in the Tucson Sector it is out of control - I would suggest you are a street corner simpleton on a soapbox with a megaphone. Get your skin into the game before you run your mouth.


"... he was concerned on how I was planning to write it up and asked me to be fair." That's like expecting the sun to rise in the west.


You are one of the good buys, Mr. Lemons. Thank God.


Tim Guiney for State Senate President. Might be worse that Russel Pearce in terms of intent. Probably not worse in terms of capability.


One thing I learned a long time ago, don't post after you've been drinking - it tends to render, deaf, dumb and blind your good judgment angel.


What's the Arizona translation for basij?


Thank you Mr. Lemon's for this exposal of what the right wing fascists are trying to do not only here in Arizona but in the rest of the nation and that is: Starting up right-wing para-military militias just like now exist and terrorize people in Columbia and Iraq. I can tell you that having served in Iraq from 05-06 that we had to deal with these militias murdering and terrorizing the population ! And...yet unfortunately this madness seems to be very close in coming officially to Arizona and other states in our Union. Meanwhile our hapless and arrogant appeasing Chief Executive stands by and lets fascism take hold and weakens the unity of nation! Thank GOD you don't work for NPR or they or you might end up like their CEO did today ! And yes...Tea Baggers are racists and fascists !Leonard ClarkArizona NativePersian Gulf/ OIF III vet.3-9-11


Where have you been? The Tea Party IS the 21st century version of the Gestapo. Same "Big Lie" tactics, same corporatism that spawned the Third Reich, in fact descendants of the same corporatists Preston Bush and Fred Koch have invented the astro-turf Tea Party. Fred Koch was an original member of the John Birch Society, the old version of the Tea Party. He certainly brainwashed his sons Charles and David.

To: Mr. Tommy Collins
To: Mr. Tommy Collins

Mr.Collins,I seem to recall from a previous dialogue that you are retired P.P.D. officer.With all respect to you, sir, I'm saddened you are no longer "active duty".If your blog writings are a reflection of your intelligence and insightful regard for the world in which you not only live but also at one time stood up for, then your retirement is our loss.My best to you and your family. Steve Tracy, American outlaw

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

No, Mr. Tracy, I am not retired from P.P.D. I hope I didn't misguide anyone in that regard.

I am retired from a metro agency in Colorado. I thank you for your kind words. However, there are much brighter and energetic officers working today to make our homes safe and our lives more comfortable.

I have been retired for so long I'm afraid I've forgotten more about policing than I ever knew....

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