Terry Goddard, Raul Grijalva Call for Compromise, as Rodney Glassman Whips Up Rancor

Compromise? Apparently not, if Glassman gets his way...

Fearing an acrimonious showdown this Saturday when Dems are scheduled to meet at the Wyndham Hotel downtown to pick a new Democratic Party chair, former Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard and Congressman Raul Grijalva are calling for a compromise. One that would leave Don Bivens as chair for at least one more month.

Goddard supports ex-state treasurer candidate Andrei Cherny for the position. Grijalva supports Rodney Glassman, who lost miserably to U.S. Senator John McCain this past November in an ill-fated bid to replace the dinosaur GOP hack.

In a letter to party members, Goddard and Grijalva wrote the following,

"We propose that Democrats come together on Saturday and re-elect the current slate of State Party officers with the understanding that they will all step down in one month, at which point we will elect new officers. So that neither candidate's supporters can change the make-up of the state committee membership, we propose that the newly elected interim chair will not appoint new state committee members prior to the approximate one-month delayed vote."

Grijalva and Goddard cited the recent tragedy in Tucson as the reason for the compromise. They state that they have consulted with members of wounded Congresswoman Gabby Giffords' team, who have given their blessing, according to Goddard and Grijalva.

"Under normal circumstances," Goddard and Grijalva write, "we Democrats would gather this weekend to elect new State Party officers. We write you to offer our opinion: now is not the time for Democrats to wage a public fight over the State Chairmanship.

"It doesn't matter which candidate you prefer; the two of us do not support the same candidate. What does matter is the tenor and tone of our politics.  Now is not the time for the passionate and well-fought race that we expect and deserve from those running for State Party Chair."

If state committee members agree, it could mean another month of campaigning for the seat.

And if both Glassman and Cherny accept the compromise, it would halt, for the moment, what was expected to be a vote in favor of Cherny.

Although Glassman is considered by many to be a disastrous prospect for the seat, members of Arizona's chapter of the Progressive Democrats of America have labeled Cherny an "establishment " candidate.

Which is hilarious considering that Glassman is a trust-fund baby, and heir to an agricultural fortune. As such, Glassman doesn't have to work for a living. Cherny does, and the "progressives" are making the argument that because Cherny will have to support himself, he's not the right man for the job.

Ironic, eh?

Some Dems have been annoyed by the fact Cherny was not an "elected" precinct committeeman. A legal opinion sought by the party to clarify the matter did not placate these sticklers.

So Saturday was expected to be a donnybrook. And it may still be, unless Dems can come together in the wake of the Tucson massacre and suppress their natural inclination to fight each other instead of Republicans.

Already, I'm hearing that Glassman, true to form, originally agreed to the proposal, but now is trying to characterize it as a backroom deal to his supporters.

Seems Glassman sent out an e-mail to one supporter referring to the Goddard-Grijalva letter, with the header, "FYI- Look at what Bivens and Cherney [sic] are planning next." I have a copy of the e-mail.

I've called Glassman for a comment, but he has yet to return my call.

Interestingly, though Glassman has a photo of himself and Giffords on his Facebook page, Giffords actually endorsed Cherny before she was shot.

Indeed, Cherny has racked up an impressive list of endorsements, everyone from state Senator Kyrsten Sinema and Congressman Ed Pastor to Pima County Chair Jeff Rogers and a slew of other Dems. (See the entire list below.)

When will the Democratic Party learn its lesson about Glassman? First, he assures the party that he will throw millions into his campaign against McCain, but those millions never appear. Instead, he loans himself $500K, more than one-third of the contributions he received in toto.

Glassman reportedly made homophobic statements about an openly gay, fellow Tucson city councilperson, a charge he denied, though the councilwoman involved, Karen Uhlich, confirmed it. Later, Glassman feigned support for GLBT rights.

Not to mention that during the campaign, much of his staff bailed en masse. Largely because he's an out-of-control egomaniac, according to them.

But Glassman has been telling so-called progressives what they want to hear, fanning the flames of discord like some latter-day Richard the Third.

No doubt state Senate President Russell Pearce and his fellow Republinuts are ROTFLTAO over the Dems' penchant for self-immolation, and their willingness to pick a bad seed such as Glassman to lead them.

To borrow a line from Elvis Costello, I used to be disgusted, now I try to be amused. But the wacktivist faction of the Democratic party is really testing my patience, and my humor, at this point.

Cherny's endorsements, they speak for themselves:

Bob Bland, Cochise County Chair
Susan Breen, Greenlee County Chair
Patrick Gonzales, Mohave County Chair
Jay Rasco, Graham County Chair
Jeff Rogers, Pima County Chair
Chris Tilley, Gila County Chair
Arif Kazmi, Maricopa County Vice Chair
Lauren Kuby, Maricopa County First Vice Chair
Jeff Winkler, LD 11 Chair
Randy Keating, LD 17 Chair
CJ Briggle, LD 20 Chair
Harriett Young, ADP Vice Chair
Gerald Richard, Affirmative Action Chair
Lois Pfau, Former Secretary
Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords
Congressman Ed Pastor
Former Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick
Former Congressman Harry Mitchell
Former Attorney General Terry Goddard
Corporation Commissioner Paul Newman
Jim Pederson, former State Chair and U.S. Senate candidate
Claire Sargent, former U.S. Senate candidate
Sen. David Schapira, Minority Leader
Sen. Olivia Cajero-Bedford
Sen. Steve Gallardo
Sen. Robert Meza
Sen. Kyrsten Sinema
Former Sen. Rebecca Rios
Rep. Chad Campbell, Minority Leader
Rep. Ed Ableser
Rep. Lela Alston
Rep. Katie Hobbs
Rep. Ruben Gallego
Rep. Debbie McCune Davis
Rep. Eric Meyer
Former Rep. Ken Clark
Former Rep. David Lujan
Former Rep. Phil Lopes
Former Rep. John Loredo
Former Rep. Tom Prezelski
Former Rep. Theresa Ulmer
Former Rep. Nancy Young-Wright
Coconino County Supervisor Lena Fowler
Coconino County Superintendent of Schools Robert Kelty
Coconino County Treasurer Bonny Lynn
Tempe City Councilman Corey Woods
Flagstaff City Councilwoman Karla Brewster
FormerTucson City Councilman Steve Leal
Former Tucson City Councilwoman Nina Trasoff
TucsonCityCouncilwoman Karin Uhlich


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This is the same Rodney Glassman that committed copyright infringement when it stole Lynyrd Skynyrd's 1974 song "Sweet Home Alabama".

I wonder why he's showing his face after his gargantuan loss to McCain for the U.S. Senate?

If you become a Republicant in this state, you support people like Senator Pearce the Great Obliterator of Human Rights who want to destroy the 14th Amendment.

If you become a Democant in this state, you support people like President Obama the Terrible who forces health care down our throats while seizing 17% of our economy.

What a state we live in. People like the MCSO shurf, his brainless bald-headed butt buddy who is supposedly "investigating" Hendy, Fox and Black, had a controversial "deputy" who claimed he'd been shot at by illegals, and then "fired" the "deputy" for harassment and intimidation, given that Babeu himself called for Rubin's head after the DPS test came back as negative. Then there's Candy Andy, thief of Donald Trump's hairpiece, author of some of the most bullshit conspiracies ever thought up, only to be proven false. Now we taxpayers are footing a steep bill of $46M........


Mr. Birdie:

You make the point that if Glassman is elected, a lot of the staff would bolt. Other respondents say that might not be a bad thing, but there are some very good and dedicated people on the Party's staff who would be missed if they left. They juist need strong direction.

More importantly, if they left, who would Rodney bring in? He seems to attract sychophants and groupies instead of worker bees.

I'm just a voter, not a PC or State committee person, but if you're looking to attract new voters and independents to the party in time for the next election (where we get Kyl out of office), I sure as hell won't be inspired by a DINO half-term councilman trust fund baby who promised to bankroll his campaign then reneged. He didn't have support (or the chops) to run his own campaign, and I fear what he'd do to the party if he were in charge.

I won't get to vote, but I'm glad there's a choice of candidates.

DA Morales
DA Morales

As a supporter of Dennis Kucinich twice, I object to any "progressive" support for Glassman. There is nothing progressive about him


Great promo piece for Mr. Cherny.


I understand the frustration with Bivens and the current regime, though I believe most of the electoral failures were completely out of their control. What I don't undertand is the distinction attempting to be drawn between Cherny as the alleged "establishment" candidate and Glassman as the supposed "outsider" candidate. There was absolutely nothing in Glassman's Senate campaign that indicated any "outside" influence (other than the goofy music video) and everything of his personal background and political stances reek of establishment.

Korvetten Kapitän
Korvetten Kapitän

Sho 'nuff are lotsa "Formers" in that list. Speaks volumes about the D ability to hold public trust.


The solution seems plain enough.

I support Glassman (for reasons I've laid out on my blog.) At the same time I have told Rodney that I won't vote to challenge Cherny's right to run believing that a contested election is a good thing. Let them both make their case to the members of the party, then vote.


"Democratic values" require a choice in an election, which is what the Dems now have. You want it to be an election where there's only one candidate??? What's democratic about that?!For me, a progressive Democrat, the choice couldn't be clearer. While Rodney promised to put money into the party in 2010, he failed to deliver a cent. Andrei, on the other hand, not only raised a million for state TREASURER (of all things), he also raised tens of thousands (likely more) for the party! The only way Rodney could deliver on his 30-district strategy is if Andrei is chair. Thankfully, Andrei's candidacy is based on a bottom up approach, which is what we've all been wanting for years so we don't need Rodney and his false promises.And enough with the talk of the rules. The lawyer who actually knows this stuff said Andrei can legally run. The lawyer Rodney hired to write a conflicting opinion doesn't do this type of law. Would you want a podiatrist operating on your heart?!


If Cherny is allowed to break the rules then I anticipate a lot of people are going to walk out of this meeting. He should just drop out now, the only one causing contention and problems is Cherny. His candidacy is an insult to Democratic values.


Speaking of disastrous, did the author of this hit piece forget the last two election cycles? They have been complete and utter failures and Don Bivins was at the helm. He doesn’t deserve another day let alone another month or two or three or ……..

True Blue American
True Blue American

Also a proud liberal here ... Cherny has a high degree of integrity and, unfortunately, Glassman has made it clear over the course of this last year and into 2011, that he does not. This leftist (and thereby brilliant human being) sees the choice as very clear ... But we'll see. Saturday is going to be very interesting.

Dry Heat Democrat
Dry Heat Democrat

This is the stupidest thing I've heard in a while. Why drag this out any longer? It's been divisive and contentious in a time when we need solidarity.

Phoenix Justice
Phoenix Justice

Being a liberal (and damn proud of it), I dismayed that Glassman even entered the race to be the state Democratic Chair. Cherny is the much better man for the position and push back against the Republicans.


Unfortunately, FB, your post has too much logic to convince any of the leftist wackivists. Be prepared to be called an "establishment tool" for stating the obvious.


Speaks volumes about the job Bivins and the ADP staff did during the last election cycle.


So when is breaking the Bylaws a bad thing? Why doesn't Bivins run again. He is completely eligable and the establishment loves the guy. Of course the party has been destroyed under his leadership but at least he bothered to get 10 signatures to become an elected PC. This seems to me to be a desperate attempt by the establishment to hold onto power. We raised 4 million dollars - where did that money go? Bivins lost 2 years ago and he and the establishment crowd bullied the gentleman from Tucson out of the Chair within a month. Now the rules apply to - oh wait they don't apply - never mind.


The lawyer was on retainer fron the Arizona State Party. He gave the party the answer the party wanted. There is a second opinion which states the bylaws and applicable state laws are clear. I have read them. There is nothing complicated in the language. Cherney is a nice guy, but not eligable to run for Chair.


Again, if the staff bolts good! They have been disastorous for this party. If Cherney wanted to be a state delegate, he should have become an elected PC. He didn't. The bylaws a very clear. His LD is not even organized. Start there. If you cannot organize your own district, why should I believe you can organize the state.


Thing is, JD, if this compromise is accepted by the party, Cherny won't be breaking or bending or even breathing hard on the rules. Nor will democracy be thwarted. Cherny's candidacy will have dotted all the i's and crossed all the t's. There will be a head to head vote Glassman vs. Cherny. Glassman will lose. Cherny will win. And no one will be able to challenge Cherny's bona fides.

If Glassman were to be elected on Saturday, this is what will happen: the staff of the Dem Party will bolt, Glassman will replace them with his idiot brother, and you might was well become an R. Because the Ds will be finished in this state.


He is too nice. He didn't even push back against an opponent for State Treasurer who didn't pay his own taxes.


Well, this, and most leftist wactivists I know strongly support Andrei. Grijalva is supporting only as a repaid favor, and i would bet does not much care for him, and the progressive caucus supporting him completely baffles me. I would honestly question the competency and intelligence of them to make that decision.


I think that following very simple and clearly stated rules is an establishment thing to do.


I think it was Blake who said that if a fool persists in his folly he will become wise. Needless to say, it's not workin' for ya, Mike.


Why shouldn't Cherny have to follow the rules like everyone else? He's ineligible to run period. We need a change. Cherny is not a change. Just more of the same.


I'll take Andrei over change to being a Republican, which is essentially what that would be. Voting in Arpiao would be change too, doesn't mean its good because its different.


At this point, JD, if the Dems are dumb enough to go for Rodney, so be it. Just gives me more material as I watch the Arizona Ds disintegrate into total obscurity.

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