Rodney Glassman Used Gabby Giffords' Shooting To Campaign For Chair

Note the date on the Glassman e-mail: two days after the bloodshed in Tucson

Like you needed more proof that erstwhile Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Rodney Glassman is a charlatan, take a look at this mass e-mail, sent out by Glassman on January 10, two days after the Tucson massacre, which severely wounded Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and felled Chief U.S. District Judge John Roll

The missive begins as an expression of sadness over the tragedy, then quickly veers into a standard campaign appeal for support.

"I would like to begin by expressing my feelings of sorrow for the families that lost loved ones this past weekend. Sasha, Rose, and I are praying for Gabrielle and the other victims of Saturday's senseless violence. I am shocked to think that this happened in our hometown and in our state. It is with a heavy heart that I send out this letter today. Yet, in just twelve days we will be electing the new chair of our Arizona State Democratic party and I must ask for your feedback, your faith, and your support." (Italics mine.)

Giffords endorsed Cherny, the day before she was shot...

If you google the word "vulture," I wonder if a photo of Glassman pops up. He has a pic on his Facebook page of Giffords and himself. Beneath it is the exclamation, "Our Congresswoman!"

The photo engendered a litany of well-wishing messages from fellow Facebookers. Thing is, the day before being shot by Jared Lee Loughner, Giffords Tweeted that she was endorsing Andrei Cherny for party chair.

"I am a proud southern Arizonan behind Andrei Cherny for ADP Chair," she wrote. "In 2012, we'll win with Andrei!"

Considering Glassman's shameless exploitation of the outpouring of affection for Giffords, why are some state committee members actually planning to vote for this guy?

Maybe because the Dems, in Arizona and nationwide, are prone to self-inflicted wounds, to masochism, and some odd version of the battered spouse syndrome. The psychology of it is troubling. Because the other side, rightly, perceives this as weakness as it readies for the kill.

I'm beginning to wonder if the Democratic Party will essentially cease to exist as a fighting force of any kind on January 22. I know, the patient is already on life support. But the party's wacktivists seem dead intent on handing the party to a nudnik like Glassman, thereby pulling the plug.

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Journalism Really
Journalism Really

This is ridiculous. I could easily argue that both Andrei Cherny, Rodney Glassman and many other politicians with a D after their name are using the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords to further their agenda. Seems few politicians are not willing to play. I found no memorials here in metro Phoenix like those in Tucson at UMC, Safeway, her office and other sites in Tucson with the excuse--well it happened in Tucson and all of a sudden, we are grief stricken the day before she is moved to Houston, TX.

Chad Snow
Chad Snow

I'm trying to think of another Lynyrd Skynyrd song he could butcher in his campaign for Dem Party Chair.

"Gimme your vote, gimme your vote, mister, for the Dem State Party Chair..."


If only the country could be converted to a non-partisan election system. Then a party affiliation would be nullified and hopefully replaced with voters deciding who the slime balls are -- such as this example.

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