Tom Horne Slimed as Pro-Statutory Rape in New Attack Ad

Tom Horne has an A-bomb dropped on him in this latest TV hit piece

In the annals of negative campaign advertising, this new anti-Tom Horne ad from the Washington, D.C.-based Committee for Justice and Fairness could win a gold medal in the below-the-belt category.

In it, Horne, Republican candidate for Arizona Attorney General and current state schools superintendent, is practically presented as the enemy of all rugrats. Sort of like a modern-day version of the wicked Child Hunter in the classic 1968 kiddie flick Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Or worse.

"In general, they're trying to create the impression that I'm in favor of statutory rape, pedophilia and child pornography," Horne told me of the ad, which recently began airing in the Phoenix market, "Obviously, I'm not in favor of any of those things."

But when a man has to say that in his own defense, then, facts aside, the ad in question has has drawn blood.

Dana Bykowski, chairwoman of the Committee for Justice and Fairness, hasn't yet returned my calls for comment. (Bykowski is listed as a "principal" with the DC consulting firm Hilltop Public Solutions.) CJF is an independent "527" group, one of those that can raise beaucuoup cash from corporations, unions and the like, and spend it with abandon.

The ad itself alleges that Horne "voted against tougher penalties for statutory rape," and, when, "students caught a teacher looking at child pornography on a school computer, Horne used his vote on the Board of Education to allow that teacher back in the classroom."

Regarding the first charge, while in the state House back in 2000, Horne did vote against HB 2587, which would have made sexual conduct with a minor 15 and above a class four felony, instead of a class six felony, which it is now.

If the perp was at least five years older than the teenager, the bill would have made it a class two felony. In each case, the penalties would have increased.

However, a number of Democrats voted against the bill as well back then, including Rebecca Rios, Richard Miranda, Leah Landrum, and John Loredo. 

"If, to be politically correct, you have to vote for every increase in penalties that comes along," said Horne, "it ultimately would mean capital punishment for everything."

Regarding the teacher caught looking at porn, the ad references an East Valley Tribune article dated May 22, 2006. The item reported that a Queen Creek high school teacher had gotten a new teaching certification from the Board of Education.

This, after he'd resigned in 2002 in the wake of his students reporting him for looking at porn on a class computer. The Trib piece noted vaguely that some of the images "had been of underage subjects."

At the time, Horne said he was deferring to the education department's professional practices advisory committee, which recommended an approval of the man's teaching certificate, according to the article.

When I spoke to him today, Horne stated that the police investigation of the computer equipment involved in the incident did not reveal any child porn.

"If he had looked at child pornography, he would be in prison," Horne said of the teacher.

I asked Felecia Rotellini, Horne's Democratic rival for the AG position, about the ad. She said she'd heard of the Committee for Justice and Fairness, but didn't know anything about the ad itself.

"The first I knew of it was when I was sitting on my couch watching the 10 o'clock news and saw it," she told me.

And her reaction when she saw it?

"I was like, `Wow,'" she said. "I was anxious to get to the end of the ad to see who did it."

Is the ad fair? Well, as Mr. Dooley once said long ago, politics ain't bean bag. Were the loafer on the other foot, I suspect the Dems'd be crying foul. As it is, they're likely gloating because Horne's having to play "D" on this one.

Indeed, the ad's use of children recalls LBJ's infamous, anti-Barry Goldwater "Daisy" ad from the 1964 presidential election. That one was unfair too, but unnervingly effective. 

With the election one week out, the AG's race has gone nuclear. Best seek out the nearest bomb shelter till it's over.

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I have had it with this clown Tom Horne, he attacked American teachers in the Public Schools that had slight accents, degradingly sending auditors to their classrooms. Tom Horne then bans ethnic studies and slaps the Native Americans and Mexican Americans in the face.Then we find out he has done NOTHING about the h1-b visa un credentialed teachers at his pet charter school Sonoran Science Academy and their THICK accents. They are teaching Turkish language, singing and dancing and they have a Turkish Olympiad that our tax money pays for.Last week it was revealed in the Arizona Star that the prinicipals and others from these Charter Schools had donated money to Tom Horne's campaign. Is it any coincidence that Tom Horne has left these Islamic Madrassas alone? Here is a message for you Tom Horne; If you are going to audit the teachers for accents make sure you include the Charter schools with the traditional public schools.This just stinks the whole thing, we have to make sure Tom Horne is out of politics.


Tom Horne accepts bribes in order not to enforce his own law of Banning Ethnic Studies and auditing teachers with thick accents who teach in public schools. Under the no child left behind act Tom Horn has Audited American citizens (teachers) within TUSD and had them removed from classrooms. Also under his own law of banning Ethnic Studies programs in Arizona Tom Horne has turned a blind eye to Sonaran Science Academy who promotes Turkish nationalism through language studies, Turkish dance clubs, Turkish Art classes and a Turkish club for both parents and students. Sonoran Science Academy is a public charter and is not exempt to the law. Numerous complaints have gone to the The Arizona State Board of Charter Schools which Sonoran Science Academy sits on the Board of Directors. Which is one way they protect themselves from complaints, and complaints to the Board of Education has also been submitted. Not to mention letters and emails written to Tom Horne about this school. So why would a school donate campaign funds to the one person that could effect the staffing and moral of there school? I guess one can buy a little protection from the wrath of Tom Horne.

Contributions to Tom Horne's campaign for Attorney General

$808 Jan 4, 2010 Fatih Karatas (Principal, Sonoran Science Academy; Associate Superintendent, Daisy Education Corporation)

$808 Feb 3, 2010Mehmet Argin (Former Principal, Sonoran Science Academy; Superintendent, Daisy Education Corporation)

$808 Feb 5, 2010Ridvan Bircicek (Sonoran Science Academy, Paragon Science Academy)

$400 Oct 3, 2010Turkan Argin (wife of Mehmet Argin)

Arizona's Politics
Arizona's Politics

Good catch, Lisa, and thanks. While Horne's comment in the above article may be correct - the police investigation may not have found that he had looked at it, and that might be why he was not in prison. But, the article SHOULD be corrected to reflect the teacher's admission!



You are not very bright. If you read the article you linked to it clearly show two things. 1. That the teacher admitted to watching porn. 2. That he clearly watched underage porn.

You allowed Horne to lie or confuse you by letting him say that the police did not find any child porn. The Teacher admitted it to watching undeage porn. Yet you treat it as if this something that is open for discussion. Clearly that is not the case if the Teacher admitted to watching child porn and regular porn in the classroom. At this rate you should go work for the AZ Repbublic.

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

Lisa, read it again:

"At the time, Horne said he was deferring to the education department's professional practices advisory committee, which recommended an approval of the man's teaching certificate, according to the article.

When I spoke to him today, Horne stated that the police investigation of the computer equipment involved in the incident did not reveal any child porn."

My inference is simply that Mr. Lemons wrote WHAT Horne told him as justification for having certified the teacher.

I don't see anything in the article from Mr. Lemons that leads me to believe he is defending Horne or supporting his contention that having certified the teacher was correct action. You may have read differently, I suppose.

Arizona's Politics
Arizona's Politics

Great reporting, Stephen, and thanks! But, it gets even worse. As we detailed on Friday:1) The Committee for Justice and Fairness ("CFJF")is a front group for the Democratic Attorney Generals Association (based in Denver). Yes, the same group that Terry Goddard is a member of and that Rotellinin will be a member of if she is elected.2) THE CFJF - AND, THUS, THESE ADS - ARE IN VIOLATION OF ARIZONA ELECTION LAW. That is a pretty significant violation to be happening in the race for Attorney General.

Details set forth here:

I strongly suspect that Rotellini, Goddard and the Democrats are trying to play out the clock on this blatant violation, hoping that the media does not latch onto this surprising story.

I, too, have unreturned calls in to the CFJF. I

Pit Boss
Pit Boss

Ain't it bad enough that he's using a classroom computer to look at porn, even if it's not child porn?

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

It appears this ad uses conjecture and innuendo as an attack tool, just as the state Republican party, under the 'leadership' of Randy Pullen, did during the 2008 election. Although two wrongs don't make it right, I can see an irony here. Payback can indeed be a bitch.

Dennis Gilman
Dennis Gilman

I'm finding it hard to find any pity for Horne or any republican after the Citizen United Ruling.


About time Horne got his!! He will get another one when Attorney Richard Martinez, finishes his lawsuit against him, while representing the TUSD school district.


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