John Dougherty and Randy Parraz's TV Ads

Dougherty's campaign spot, running this weekend

I like both Randy Parraz and John Dougherty in the Dems' primary for U.S. Senate. I wish I could vote for both of them, to be honest. Both are very different kinds of candidates. And neither one is a traditional politician. Not by a long shot.

This is borne out by their campaign commercials. I've already seen Parraz's on TV. Dougherty's begins running this weekend, according to a campaign press release. What strikes me about these two men is that they are both honest, smart, and passionate. An unusual combination, sadly, for those seeking public office.

Parraz's ad, which is already running on TV

I've known Parraz through his anti-Arpaio activism, and Dougherty as one of the best reporters New Times has ever had. I can't compete with what Dougherty has done. Not many other journos can either. He set the bar very high. The bastard.

Parraz is a natural leader, and always reminds me a little bit of Al Pacino's character in And Justice for All. He's not afraid to call people out, no matter how powerful and vindictive they are.

Cathy Eden seems very competent and experienced. But I'd like to see some fire in the belly in the next couple of months leading into November. Still, even Eden would make a far better candidate than Rodney Glassman.

If the Dems go with Glassman, they're in for a big disappointment. Not that any Dem is likely to upset John McCain. But we need a fighter, a Rocky Balboa. A dark horse but with heart. Either Parraz or Dougherty would fill that role. Good luck to both of them.

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"The job is not a football coach or a movement organizer." Right, that's why he has a law degree from Berkley and a Degree in Gov from Harvard.

"Investigating" is a look backwards on things that have already occurred. The Senate will require someone who can look forward and make decisions.

Glassman was the only Dem candidate when he received the AFLCIO endorsement.

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