Joe Arpaio's Worst Nightmare: Salvador Reza Triumphant

Sheriff Joe's bully boys in beige targeted him for a political arrest on Friday, July 30, but now Phoenix civil rights leader Salvador Reza is sitting pretty, with even Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley agreeing that there was no probable cause for his arrest by the MCSO.

Reza has Arpaio on the ropes, and lets hope he doesn't let up until Sheriff Joe's sweltering in Tent City in a pair of his own pink undies.

Above is Dennis Gilman's latest video covering Reza's wrongful arrest. In it there's some cool video of Reza at his initial appearance, and of Reza being interviewed by yours truly after he emerges from the Fourth Avenue Jail the morning of July 31. Enjoy.

And for those Sheriff Joe ditto-heads out there, get ready for a shocker: The MCSO broke the law by collaring Reza. So what is it about the word illegal that you don't understand?


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