John Huppenthal Humiliated By High School Student Journalist's Video

Huppenthal spanked hard by a student journalist. Is this sweet or what?

No one's ever accused Republican state Senator John Huppenthal of being the brightest bulb in the state GOP's closet. You might think Huppenthal's lowest moment came when he scuffled with a 78 year-old Democratic activist on election day 2008 over a yard sign. He was ultimately found not guilty of sign tampering and theft, but he ended up looking like a sneaky, aggro dolt nonetheless.

In fact, the hapless Huppenthal actually stated in court that he was afraid the senior citizen lady was going to carjack him.

But local student journalist Keith Wagner of Tempe's Corona del Sol High School has done Huppenthal's septuagenarian combatant one better by interviewing Huppenthal and politely, quietly skewering him, confronting the smarmy state Senator with his vote to gut funding to the state's Career and Technical Education programs. This, after Huppenthal bemoans such cuts.

The long form of Wagner's report, which gives more context to the interview

The result is freaking hilarious, with Huppenthal so flummoxed that he has to get up and walk away. Keep in mind, Huppenthal is currently campaigning for the GOP nod for Arizona schools superintendent.

Ironically, that position has a rich tradition of being held by class-A boobs such as Tom Horne, so it should surprise no one if Huppenthal eventually wins the gig.

Huppenthal's also a toady of state Senator Russell Pearce, and has spat bogus stats in the past regarding the state's undocumented population. When challenged, he was unable to supply the source of his false factoid. Classic.

Wagner's video is getting heavy play locally by liberals on Facebook and other sites, and deservedly so. If more journalists were to follow Wagner's lead, maybe there'd be fewer clowns like Huppenthal in office.

Okay, that's wishful thinking. This is Arizona after all, the Land Time Forgot for a Reason. But still, it's worth a shot...

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Blarf Jarvington
Blarf Jarvington

Rumor has it that Huppenthaul is waiting for after the election to file a divorce from his wife!

New to AZ
New to AZ

I am new to Arizona and I don't know much about John H. However I got a phone call payed for by John Huppenthal. It was about a little boy with dwarfism and how John H helped him. The little story itself was great, but the "actors" that were telling this little story, hmmmm, I have an 11 yr old and I have never heard an 11 yr old talk in that pitch before. FAKE FAKE FAKE. I guess I can give credit for the effort, but to his advisers, this type of endorsement and advertising does not make me want to vote for him. It does not make me anything, other than wasting my 2 seconds on the phone. I think it is a waste of money for the campaign and could probably be used for better advertising. Like I said, I am new to the area, and I want to know what you stand for, and what you plan to do, not some lame attempt at making me feel like you are a people person. Any one can kiss a baby, and I want to know how you plan to make things better, not how good of actors you hire to play a cheesy phone message and then send a mass message out. Just my wee little opinion, and it probably does not mean much.


For those who know him John Huppenthal was cheating even before geting married. I am surprised it lasted this long.


John Huppenthaul is a "player" with the ladies. Not a role model.

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