Shawna Forde Associate a Former Pima County Sheriff's Deputy in Training?

The Norwegian video interview of Shawna Forde and a fella by the name of Todd Hezlitt

Someone recently sent me a link to the blog Immigration Talk with a Mexican American, which in turn links to the blog Crooks & Liars and a Norwegian news video featuring the infamous Shawna Forde of Minuteman American Defense. You'll recall Forde as the right-wing wacko who's alleged to have home-invaded an Arivaca dwelling looking to rob the place, and ending by killing a nine year-old girl and her father.

ITWMA did some research on this guy Todd Hezlitt, who is interviewed by the Norwegians along with Forde, and who is identified as being an Iraq war veteran. The blog author discovered info indicating that there was a "Todd R. Hezlitt" identified as being with the Pima County Sheriff's Department in a P.O.S.T. document, P.O.S.T. being the Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board.

This certainly would be an alarming development if true, so I called the Pima County Sheriff's Department. Public Information Officer Deputy Dawn Barkman informed me that they did have someone in the academy by the name of Todd Hezlitt at one time, but that he never made it through, and was discharged in July of 2008.

"He failed to meet the qualifications of the academy," explained Barkman. She could not say whether or not the PCSD's Hezlitt and the one shown in the Norwegian video were one and the same.

The P.O.S.T. document in question is dated January 21, 2009.  Lyle W. Mann, Executive Director AZ P.O.S.T., explained in an e-mail to me that the mention of "new charging cases" -- of which, Hezlitt's case was one -- refers to "the step in the process wherein the Board decides whether or not to initiate proceedings against the person's certification." Mann did not comment on Hezlitt specifically, however, the minutes do say under Hezlitt's name that his case was "pulled from the agenda." (This would seem logical if he were no longer with PCSD.)

Cooperation between law enforcement and minuteman groups is a worrisome issue in Arizona, especially with Sheriff Joe Arpaio here in Maricopa County. In a recent cover story, Ja, Joe!, I detailed links between the MCSO and minuteman groups, and the MCSO and neo-Nazis. And then there's the MCSO's posse. I'm working on getting info about who is in the posse and if they're vetted for ties to extremist groups. Stay tuned for that.

If the Hezlitt in the video and the Hezlitt who didn't make it through the academy are one and the same, it would indicate what we already know: that some law enforcement personnel are sympathetic to extremist nativist organizations. In this case, it seems Hezlitt didn't make the cut, according to the PCSD. And that's a good thing.

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concerned citizen
concerned citizen

Feathered one and Dee you need to know that Hezlitt was associated with Joseph Adams the CIA operative. This likely ties to a more evil scheme that Hezlitt is CIA. Both were Marines and operated internationally. This would confirm that Calderon is protecting CIA drug cartels. Did CIA order the hit with Shawna and these two?


I find it funny how people JUMP to conclusions about things they know nothing about. Lets take a good for instance. Accusations of murder! You seem to be so quick to judge Mr. Hezlitt of murder, yet he continues to serve in our military. Hmm, how can that be? Someone accused of murder has a security clearance, has undergone background checks, and is still serving to this day? Sure is lucky of you to be able to even post on this blog with your freedom of speech. No wait! That's not lucky, that's the right you get from those who have made this country FREE! Secondly, In the post it was stated.. Mann did not comment on Hezlitt specifically, however, the minutes do say under Hezlitt's name that his case was "pulled from the agenda." Maybe this is because its NO ONE ELSE'S BUSINESS, why he was let go. Could have been a medical situation, maybe he didn't pass a test with a high enough score, or could have even possibly dropped himself out for a personal reason. I personally did some research on Mr. Hezlitt and found the following facts: Bachelor of Science Degree, Criminal Justice Administration (Remington College), Licensed Private Investigator (Arizona Department of Insurance), United States Marine Corp, trainer Camp Pendleton, 1 Actual Bail Bonds owner (I'm sure this one will spark the memory of the bad bail bondsmen who raided a home and killed for drugs too... So all you conclusion jumpers can associate him along with ALL bail bondmen as being criminals too). Armed/unarmed Security Guard (Arizona Department Of Public Safety). It seems to me that ALL these agencies require FBI background checks in which fingerprint cards must be presented, and yet a man allegedly accused of MURDER roams free and is serving our country??? WOW, you people really have NO CLUE do you? I went to school with Todd, he has worked for me in the past and I have worked for him in the past, we both served this country, and are the absolute best of friends. I can vouch for his integrity, but I am sure that because I am his friend now I am suspect too in your lawful eyes! You have no clue why he was even there to begin with. Maybe he was hired to be there, could have been investigating something, maybe he just wanted something to do because he was bored, but yet you AUTOMATICALLY classify him as being suspect in a criminal case. Thank god your not on any jury!

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