Gudalupe Slideshow by Deanna Dent Now Up

photo by Deanna Dent
See, the people of Guadalupe know who's on their side...
If you're tired of my crappy, digital point-and-shoot angles, try out the magazine-like stylings of photographer Deanna Dent, whose slideshow of Joe Arpaio's circus-come-to-Guadalupe is now up. How she avoided getting me in the shots is a mystery, as I was the ony fat man in a loud Hawaiian shirt on the premises. (Part of my strategy -- paint a bigger target, natch.)Dent's a real pro, who's done a lot of photojournalism in Latin America, and I was grateful for her presence last night. Love the stuff of the raging rednecks and the menacing deputies disembarking. Thanks again, Deanna. And if you want to read some background on what's in the slideshow, read yesterday's blog post on Arpaio's re-invasion of Guadalupe.

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