Cardinal Francis George, Bishop Thomas Olmsted, and an Anti-Arpaio Protest in Guadalupe

pic from Joe's old re-election site
Bishop Olmsted and Arpaio get chummy in the tents...

Chicago's Cardinal Francis George could school Phoenix's Bishop Thomas Olmsted on moral courage when it comes to the subject of immigration. While Olmsted refuses to condemn attacks on immigrants in his flock by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, ICE, and other law enforcement entities, Cardinal George had the gonads recently to demand that the Obama administration cease federal immigration raids, and come up with humane, comprehensive immigration reform.

According to the Chicago Tribune, George called the issue "a matter of conscience," and with nativist minutemen protesting outside Our Lady of Mercy Church in Albany Park, George insisted that, "We cannot strengthen families when people live in fear from day to day."

George continued: "May this be the year that raids and separation of families stop...May this be the year that our legislators pass comprehensive immigration reform."

After reading the article, I was stunned by the contrast to our own Bishop Olmsted, who's been as close-yapped as the proverbial church rodent, while Sheriff Joe, with the help of ICE, ravages the Hispanic community in the Valley. That's a community that makes up almost half of all Catholics in Phoenix. As I wrote in a September Bird column, "Sure, the undocumented are only a part of that near-half, but they are some of the church's most devoted followers."

If there's any such thing as a "sin," then surely it must be having the platform to decry injustice, while refraining from doing so. Olmsted has the moral authority to call Arpaio out, to deny him sacraments (as Joe is a Catholic), and to demand that he stop casting dragnets for the innocent. You'd think horror stories such as those of Ciria Lopez-Pacheco, the mom who was separated from her kids by masked MCSO deputies, or of Maria del Carmen Garcia-Martinez, the Hispanic housemom whose arm was broken by MCSO thugs, would light a votive candle under the Bishop's purple robe.

But Olmsted remains mute when it comes to Arpaio. Oh, sure, Olmsted has made pious statements about the plight of the "visitor" in our midst. And he has argued in general for compassion, and has signed off on the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops call for the end to ICE raids.

That's the equivalent of some high-roller putting a dollar in the collection plate when no one's lookin'. Has Olmsted ever stood up to Arpaio on behalf of his parishioners? Not that I've ever seen. If he believed in justice and compassion, Olmsted would be at the front of the next anti-Arpaio march, or he'd be speaking at immigration forums, such as Somos America's Reform Not Raids powwow later this week.

As far as I'm concerned, Olmsted is "living in sin" as long as he fails to protect his flock. But for every sin, there's a shot at repentance and redemption. On the other hand, if he never acts, Olmsted deserves zero forgiveness from the man upstairs. (Of course, now that I think of it, maybe that's a Protestant point of view.)

Remember, he was in Guadalupe last year this time, during Joe's sweep of the town, confirming children in to the Catholic faith, as the MCSO's black cars circled Our Lady of Guadalupe. He saw the fear in their little faces. He has no excuse.

Speaking of Guadalupe, whose new mayor Frankie Montiel has added insult to injury by inviting Arpaio down to the burg to sup, I just got an e-mail from Andrew Sanchez, the fellow whose family is such a prominent part of Village Voice Executive Editor Michael Lacey's cover story, "Are Your Papers in Order?" Sanchez is organizing a press conference and a protest of Arpaio's scheduled visit to Guadalupe on March 26. The press release is below.

There's no love lost for Arpaio in Guadalupe, and the indignation of the residents there over Montiel's invitation to the sheriff is palpable. So my question is, why don't they recall Montiel? Other members of the town council have been recalled for less. In fact the most recent recall of town council member Patty Jimenez helped put Montiel's coalition in power. Montiel has spit in the face of his fellow Guadalupanos with his kowtowing to Joe. And yet he remains beyond the reach of Guadalupe's recall-happy power brokers.

Anyway, though I think Arpaio will chicken out, I'll be there Thursday to check out the protest, and the council meeting Arpaio's supposed to be at.

Guadalupe (Residents) Press Release
Contact: Andrew Sanchez E-mail:
Date: March 24, 2009
Guadalupe, Arizona
The Residents of Guadalupe:
Object Arpaio Scheduled Visit

Press Conference

Location: In front of Guadalupe Church 5445 Calle San Angelo Guadalupe, Arizona 85283
Time: 10:00 a.m.
Date: Tuesday March 24, 2009
Re: Guadalupe Residents oppose Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Residents of Guadalupe will hold a Press Conference in front of Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church to announce opposition to the sheriff's visit in non violent protest as Martin Luther King, Cesar Chavez and Gandhi taught us. Protest on March 26, 2009 at 4pm.

The Guadalupe Community wants to go on record, [saying] that it condemns the abusive practices that go on in Maricopa County and the Town of Guadalupe. We endorse Cardinal Francis George's request to end Sheriff Joe Arpaio's raids. Representing the change needed for the county and to reassess its values that "yes" we value human rights, safety for all humanity and justice to all who visit, live and are raised in Maricopa County.

The Guadalupe Community will continue to oppose Sheriff Joe Arpaio, for as long as he continues to abuse the law and 287g, which is used to harass, abuse and unjustly treat legal American citizens.

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Paliline45 1 Like

UTAH has Warren Jeffs (a pervert) we have Olmsted in Az.He sent Fr. Schultz to Luke Air Force Base while the troops are fighting a war Fr. Schultz an abuser on the SNAP list is taking care of the military kids, Mrs Olmsted should of had an abortion . your friend pauline


@Paliline45  This is a true statement Pauline right on. SSGT. Kinder Luke Air Force. Fr. Schultz is a back door no lotion.

Gencus34 1 Like

Gencus34 3 weeks agoThey don’t impact the crux of the crisis: the virtually limitless power of bishops -Bishops ignore and conceal child sex crimes because they can (because of archaic, predator-friendly laws, the deference of civill authorities, the devout faith and deep confusion of victims). So any “reform” that doesn’t diminish bishops’ power and discretion is virtually meaningless, so Olmsted will continue to hid David Ostler in Sun City West,Az.  Gencua.


Ottawa priest sentenced to house arrest for indecent assaults on brothers 37 years ago[Translate] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Ottawa Citizen

19 April 2011By Andrew Seymour

Former priest William Allen, also a former St. Pius X Catholic High School teacher, leaves the Elgin Street courthouse on Tuesday.

Photograph by: David Kawai, Ottawa Citizen

OTTAWA — A sexual abuse victim told his priest and former teacher to “rot in hell” Tuesday after the now elderly man was found guilty of indecently assaulting him and his teenage brothers.

“Perhaps one day, your Lord will forgive you,” the emotional victim told 81-year-old retired priest William Joseph Allen. “I haven’t.”

The victim was 16 years old in 1974 when Allen, a teacher at St. Pius X High School, first began pinning him down in a wrestling move before rhythmically thrusting his pelvis into the boy’s leg.

One of the assaults occurred in the priest’s room at the high school, where Allen slipped out of his priest clothes and into a white T-shirt and trousers to assault him.

The victim’s older brother was assaulted every Wednesday after choir practice in the rectory of St. Monica’s church for five years beginning in 1970.

A third brother was also offered meals in exchange for about a dozen of Allen’s wrestling matches in the church rectory, although no charges were laid in relation to those offences.

“I was taught by the clergy about the concepts of ‘good’ and ‘evil’, ‘right’ and ‘wrong.’ I was taught, and I believed, that priests were good,” said the victim, who broke down sobbing before beginning to read his statement.

“When you wilfully violated that trust, Mr. Allen, you displayed such a shameless hypocrisy that you — a Catholic priest — became a grotesque, disgusting example of evil,” he said.

“You robbed me of my faith, you robbed me of my self-esteem and you robbed me of my dignity,” said the victim, describing the feelings of rage, guilt and self-loathing that led him to entertain thoughts of suicide.

“I am gratified to know that you will go to your grave with the knowledge of your wrongs, and that at some time, either in this world or the next, you will confront your maker and answer for your appalling depravity.”

Allen, who has thinning white hair and sat in a wheelchair clutching a cane, was silent and appeared unmoved as his victim spoke.

The frail and ailing Allen, who did not contest the allegations, received a nine-month conditional sentence for the crimes, including 4½ months of house arrest.

It was a sentence Ontario Court Justice Hugh Fraser said he was receiving only because of his advanced age.

Fraser, who described the victim’s impact statement as one of the most powerful and eloquent he had heard in many years, declared Allen a sex offender, ordered him to provide a DNA sample and placed him on probation for a year.

Crown prosecutor Meaghan Cunningham said the Crown would have sought a “significant” period of jail time for Allen, if not for his physical condition. The court must denounce his conduct in the strongest terms possible, she said.

“It is a violation of trust not only to the complainants, the victims, but also the community that looked up and held in high regard Father Allen,” said Cunningham.

Allen said nothing as he was wheeled out of the courthouse and helped into a waiting car, shaking his head slightly when asked if he had anything to say.

Allen offered the same silent treatment to police when he was arrested last July, never asking the detective who his accusers were or what they alleged. At no point did Allen appear surprised or shocked by the allegations, according to police.

Following his arrest, another former student came forward, alleging that Allen had invited him and his friend to his room for a wrestling match and offered to take the boys for burgers. The man declined because he thought the priest’s behaviour was inappropriate.

Allen is one of two priests from St. Pius X charged with sex offences; a preliminary hearing for a second priest, Kenneth O’Keefe, is set for later this year.



The Bishop is hidding a pervert David Ostler in Sun City West at the Prince of Peace church, read all about this clan member from Canada, Coenwall,Ont. Thw Web Site is


The same Bishop Olmsted sent Father Schultz to be the chaplain at Luke Air Force Base.The SNAP Org. has him on the watch list of child abuser, Bishop did not investigate Fr. Schultz just sent him on his way,Ostler assigned to Sun City West another child abuser from Canada. Just think fighting a WAR and Military children back home at risk with a known child abuser will the Bishop's next move be on Sister Margret again,Bishop you are dirt bag when leave Az. take Ostler with you.Sun City West Wm.

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