9/11 hero William Rodriguez and Charles Lindbergh

Lucky Lindy, a true American hero, who was full of the brown stuff when it came to the brownshirts.

Mark Roberts(left), the Obi-wan Kenobi of debunkers, takes on 9/11 hero and troofer William Rodriguez (right).

Is it possible to be both a hero and full of crap? Absolutely. Take the examples of William Rodriguez, the 9/11 hero who saved several lives on that tragic day, and ace aviator Charles Lindbergh, "The Lone Eagle," who made the first nonstop, solo flight across the Atlantic ocean, from Long Island to Paris in 1927. Both men exhibited remarkable physical and psychological courage. Both garnered international acclaim for their actions (still ongoing in the case of Rodriguez). Both have been honored with numerous awards from the U.S. and other countries. And both have made statements and taken stances worthy of withering criticism.

They are of course dissimilar in many, many ways, the apparently garrulous WTC janitor from Puerto Rico and the aloof Michigan-born aviator. But what made me think of Lucky Lindy in regards to Rodriguez and 9/11 is this insightful, well-researched and somewhat disturbing article by Mark Roberts, the Obi Wan of debunkers, titled "William Rodriguez, Escape Artist", which was suggested to me by poster "maccy." In it, Roberts hails Rodriguez as a hero, while taking him to task for making various contradictory statements on what he experienced during 9/11, the number of people he helped save, and so on. Roberts is also highly critical of trips Rodriguez has made abroad and some of the company he's kept, which has included (sigh) Holocaust deniers and anti-Semites.

Roberts does not accuse Rodriguez of anti-Semitism or Holocaust denial. But he does question treks Rodriguez made to Malaysia and Venezuela in the company of Shoah-shirkers and Jew-haters. And he chides Rodriguez for attending a conference hosted by the American Free Press and The Barnes Review, an anti-Semitic rag and one that's devoted to denying the Holocaust, respectively. He does give Rodriguez points, however, for finally ending his truck with these unsavory elements and for turning down a highly-publicized offer to speak in Iran.

Roberts writes:

I don’t want to suggest that William Rodriguez is anti-Semitic or a Holocaust denier. Comments like Bollyn's above, claiming that Rodriguez has inside information about Israeli Mossad involvement in 9/11, should be taken with a whole box of salt. I do submit that Rodriguez's desire to make extreme, unsubstantiated claims about the U.S. government will continue to put him in the company of other irrational extremists. Any positive message he has to offer will be tainted if he associates with such miserable, hate-filled characters. The invitation to speak in Iran, which recently held a government-sponsored conference to question the Holocaust, featuring a “roll call of the world's most infamous Holocaust deniers,” should be a harsh wakeup call for Rodriguez.

There is a parallel to Lindbergh here. Though a hero, Lindbergh did espouse anti-Semitic views and embrace certain tenets of eugenics, which of course were common at the time. He wanted to keep the country out of WWII, and threw his hat in with the isolationist America First Committee. FDR regarded Lindbergh as pro-Nazi. Prior to the war, Lindbergh accepted a medal from Hermann Goering, and later refused to relinquish it when criticized. Historians still debate this stuff. My point is that though Lindbergh was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for daring and bravery, and though he encountered personal tragedy in his life in the kidnapping and murder of his child, very few would argue that he was correct about America's involvement in WWII.

So why should Rodriguez's statements, motivations, associations get a pass? They don't get one from me, nor from Mark Roberts.

In his report on Rodriguez, Roberts dings the guy for apparently flip-flopping on significant details of 9/11. Did Rodriguez save 15 lives or "hundreds"? More like the former, though that in no way imperils Rodriguez's status as a hero. In the same breath sometimes, Rodriguez has alleged a conspiracy theory and said that he does not buy conspiracy theories. Rodriguez has claimed he heard an explosion in the North Tower before it was hit by American Airlines Flight 11, but Roberts points out that Rodriguez's NIST testimony was much less, er, incendiary:

Rodriguez's main complaint is that his account has been ignored by official investigative bodies. Yet when he had the chance to go on the public record at a 2004 meeting held by chief investigators from NIST, he spoke about problems with keeping the stairwells clean, about some preexisting damage in the stairwells, and about the elevators not working properly after the attack. At a public meeting, to the people charged with finding out why the towers collapsed, Rodriguez said nothing about his major claim: that he knows there were explosives in the north tower basement.

However, Rodriguez did say this to NIST:

"The fire, the ball of fire, for example, I was in the basement when the first plane hit the building. And at that moment, I thought it was an electrical generator that blew up at that moment. A person comes running into the office saying 'explosion, explosion, explosion.' When I look at this guy; has all his skin pulled off of his body. Hanging from the top of his fingertips like it was a glove. And I said, what happened? He said the elevators. What happened was the ball of fire went down with such a force down the elevator shaft on the 58th (50A) – freight elevator, the biggest freight elevator that we have in the North Tower, it went out with such a force that it broke the cables. It went down, I think seven flights. The person survived because he was pulled from the B3 level. But this person, being in front of the doors waiting for the elevator, practically got his skin vaporized." Read his entire statement here.

That wasn't a slip. On September 11, 2002, Rodriguez was interviewed by CNN:

“And at that terrible day when I took people out of the office, one of them totally burned because he was standing in front of the freight elevator and the ball of fire came down the duct of the elevator itself, I put him on the ambulance.” Source

In October, 2004, Rodriguez filed a 237-page lawsuit (since dismissed) against the United States of America, the Bush family, and many others, alleging a massive conspiracy to commit and cover up the crimes of 9/11. The suit covered the gamut of 9/11 conspiracy theories, and for good measure threw in accusations of election fraud, drug running, and other crimes. It even suggested that United flight 93 may have been shot down with a “high-powered microwave weapon.”

Yet the lawsuit made no mention of what today is Rodriguez’s most important “evidence”: the basement explosion. Rodriguez had to throw that claim into the stew pot in an affidavit in 2006.

People are entitled to change their minds and to form new hypotheses. But Rodriguez’s current argument is based solely on incredulity: he says he (now) doesn’t believe that things could have happened as the official version states. Therefore the official version must be wrong. End of debate. Tell the world about the big lie. That fallacy is the basis for most 9/11 conspiracy theories.

Charles Lindbergh, of course, was a national and international icon, and people will be writing biographies of him, likely, for as long as we have books. Rodriguez is not quite an icon on that level. But he deserves close scrutiny because he's lent his name to a 9/11 "truth" movement hell-bent on promulgating paranoid fantasies and outright lies about what happened on 9/11. Troofers regularly respond to my criticism of their leaders all being nutjobs with. "Oh yeah, what about Willie Rodriguez?" But if they cared to look, they'd notice that even Rodriguez has feet of clay.

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“Interestingly enough, Paul Isaac, Jr. also made a point of contacting the American Free Press newspaper a few weeks ago for the same purpose. He spoke with the editor, Chris Petherick, saying he had a “videotape” that refutes the article by Victor Thorn about our protest at Ground Zero. The article at issue repeats what Paul Isaac, Jr. told both Thorn and I directly to our faces that morning. Isaac wants that article to go away.*But guess what: not a chance. The article is staying exactly where it is. Period. Petherick told Isaac to write a statement and send them a copy of the “alleged” videotape.”-Lisa Giuliani

*On the road again Fri Oct 21, 2005Ok, I’m going to let the cat out of the bag. I’m leaving for NYC in a couple hours to interveiw none other than paul isaac jr. he wants to clear the air about a couple things,on the record,and give us some things off the record. But i’d like to speak ahead of time for him and say that this article right here…*“I know 911 was an inside job, the police know its an inside job, and the firemen know it too” Yeah total bullshit !!!He never said anything of the sort. I’ve got three different videos of paul having it out with lisa and nothing close to that is ever said. Somebodys stretching the truth and I don’t think its paul. Couple that with the complete lack of compliance on the part of chris petherick of AFP who refuses paul request to remove wingtvs article and every other website on the inter which is touting that article as gospel and you can say that pauls a little upset.*RIGHTFULL SO. I just wanted to vent a little because wingtv hasn”t been on the movements goodside for some time now and this incident further throws their character into question.Dylan Averyhttp://screwloosecha...om/2006/05/...*“And please, I urge you: don’t let Alex fool you into thinking this was some sort of accidental mistake. Rather, Alex went into a piece written by Randy Lavello (Bombs in the Building: World Trade Center ‘Conspiracy Theory’ is a Conspiracy Fact) and deleted an entire sentence referencing Lisa Guliani’s article, along with the adjoining hyperlink – without notifying the author beforehand, and without the author’s permission (See: Alex Jones = Bis Brother). This is a direct case of OVERT CENSORSHIP, and Randy Lavello was irate about it. Worse, Alex Jones refused to answer any of the repeated inquiries from Lisa Guliani or Randy Lavello as to why he engaged in such a sordid practice. Alex’s actions are very troublesome, and they should be of great concern to each and every person who demands a free press. In fact, when my 9-11 on Trial op-ed piece appeared in the Centre Daily Times (a Knight-Ridder subsidiary), guess what they did. Censor my article – just like Alex Jones did to Randy Lavello’s article!”-Lisa Giuliani ?

"Just recently, Thorn edited and compiled what he feels was the strongest material from Babel's first year. The result is Rebellious Confessions (published by Black Sheep Books), a book which deals with such taboo subjects as masturbation, misogyny, fetishes and fellatio.

"Thorn's short story, "The Blow-up Doll", for instance, tells the story of a young boy's first wet dream. In another story that appears in the book, "Latex Dreams," by Stellar, a young woman graphically recounts her first abortion. "Skeletons," a short story by Jeremy Fleming, relates the tale of a young man turned on by the sound of coughing.

"Thorn and Guliani are happy to get these works into print.

"It gives it more of a legitimacy," Thorn said.

Scott Makufka of WING TV in his home-made press pass that is found on-line. It certainly lacks legitimacy.

(Christopher Bollyn)

-Paul Isaac Jr (NYsentinel at Large)


Dylan Avery Nazi Anti Semiteby Paul Isaac Jr (Sentinel)Tuesday Mar 21st, 2006 11:37 AM All this talk about how great he is? You all have been suckered by someone with a shady past.

Heres the proof.

Thankgiving LGF Style

Shiplord Kirel 11/27/2003 01:02PM PST

Our old friend, the banned moonbat "Dylan Avery" is back on NAZIMEDIA to denounce this very string:

"Charles Johnson just thought he would get in the spirit of thanksgiving by giving thanks to the GENOCIDAL AMERICAN SOLDIERS IN IRAQ, way to be in the spirit Charles.

Quite disgusting really but still, that is the TRUE spirit of Thankgiving........

Centuries ago the natives are exterminated almost completely, i'm sure charle's ancestors had a hand in this.

And today EVIL-DOERS across America give thanks to a NEW BREED OF GENOCIDE IRAQI OCCUPATION"

End Quote

Heres another one of those funny things.

LGF Red and Green Anti-Semitism

Zulubaby 12/16/2003

Max L (#12)

I just realized something! that E-mail address, kidsjistainright [at] yahoo.ca is "DYLAN AVERY" aka abe smoling aka shlomo kats and a multitude of other jewish sounding names. HE IS A RABID JEW HATER and has posted tons of vicious slander about charles on NAZIMEDIA. He even posted something about reporting me and charles and deathberg to the hate crimes branch of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Aside to DYLAN AVERY, If you're reading this, it doesn't say zulubaby on my passport, ya freak")

End Quote

Hmmm interesting to say the least.

1st Nazi Antisemite 2nd Snitch 3rd Stupid

Jason Bermas stated to me over an E-mail yesterday that he is 1 quarter German Jew on his fathers side.

1st a Nazi and Jew Collaboration and an anit US government project or 2nd A Jew and Nazi Collaboration to create disinfo project to stir american emotional reaction and profit.

Remember the E-mail address above?

jasonisntvoid [at] Yahoo.com - 2006 kidsjistainright [at] yahoo.ca -2003

Does there seem to be a pattern in simulaty regarding the E-mail

Go to make you wonder how many people were tricked by these people.

Dylan is a thief, there part in the 2nd edition where he brings up the maspeth tanks demolition of July 15 2001 is my research that he stole from me. Then he covered up for wingtv by only showing me arguing with jason bermas to make it look like they were victims instead of the perps disrespecting a memorial with there garbage.

Jason Bermas the oldest of the group at 27 doesn't seem to be mature enough to understand what respecting the families at the memorial means. This tells me that they are fronting for someone or something else.

Because people who say and do stupid shit like dylan has done can't really be the handlers of the project.

Paul Isaac Jr (Sentinel) Rsqsrvs [at] Yahoo.com

Probally as deranged as the people who fell for this crap


Then again anyone who openly associates themselves with people who defraud the twoof moment the way certain "Heroes" do and act like nothing is wrong with it need a self evaluation event asap before they find themselves locked for acting in concert before during and after the fact regarding those funny people around the Dan Wallace murder

How much money have you made on his death?


Message to the Anon

Too bad you'll never be the man that your mother was...

Paul Isaac Jr has more balls then you could wish you had.You're just an asswipe who wishes you could be as productive in society as this man has been surving his community and the truth for justice cause.

maybe when you grow up you'll understand the sacrifice he has made towards that goal

Until then please clean up your room like your mommy told you

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