Rusty Childress' United for a Sovereign America: A family portrait...

The gang's all here, everyone but Uncle Fester...

Add another white supremacist to the ranks of Kia-peddler Rusty Childress' United for a Sovereign America. A source sent the above photo to me, stating that they got it off Rusty's Web page at According to the source, the photo was taken down the day after it was posted to the site. It apparently shows a booth Childress' United for a Sovereign America had at the City of Phoenix's July 4 "Fabulous 4th Event," this year at Steele Indian School Park. I called Childress to confirm he had a booth there, and he hung up on me. However, David Urbinato of the City's Parks and Recreation Dept. confirmed that Childress' U.S.A. rented booth space at the event, at the nonprofit rate of $100 for the day. Folks in the pic are sporting stickers with Childress' U.S.A. logo. Above is a banner with the same U.S.A. illustration on it.

I had our art director blur the faces of anyone I thought might be underage or just happening by. Otherwise you can spot some of the usual suspects: The fat guy in the back strongly resembles a certain two-ton nativist from Mesa we all know; to the far left, the hot MILFy chick is Michelle Dallacroce, Prez of Mothers Against Illegal Aliens; the older, white-haired broad next to her is Stephanie Harris of the same organization; in the middle, there's a smelly, um, buffalo chip in a white anti-illegal Tee; and up front sporting a Billy Goat Gruff beard is Damon Ashenfelter, a regular attendee of anti-immigrant rallies, who espouses white supremacist views on his MySpace page

I've seen Ashenfelter twice. The first time was at the May 1 counterdemonstration to the massive pro-immigration rally at the Capitol, where he was sporting the same cap and wearing a T-shirt advertising Buell Fighting Systems, a local mixed martial arts school. The second time was at the June 16 anti-immigrant demo, again at the Capitol.

Damon's MySpace is full of chest-thumping skinhead braggadocio. The 20-year-old Glendale resident states his occupation as a "heathen warrior." For "clubs," he lists the "White Seperatists [sic] Secret Society of angry bald white boys with large boots and bad tempers." He mentions that in high school, "scaring minorities" was one of his extracurricular activities. As his motto, he posts, "Hail the Order. Hail the 14 words. R.I.P. David Lane." Damon claims his weakness is, "The decline of the white race and the downfall of american society by the hands of mongrels and their general thought process." Under "books," he types, "still trying to finish...mein kampf, lords of chaos, norse gods and heroes, george lincoln rockwell - white power, norse mythology, politically correct bedtime stories, oh and i got a bible for convenient was that...thanks folks...*shoots myself*." His "most overused phrase on instant messenger"? "Fucking jews..." In his personal gallery is a snap of he and his fiancee at the neo-Nazi National Vanguard's Winterfest event.

Damon's but one more example of Childress' association with neo-Nazis, white supremacists and white nationalists. Why would any businessman, even one who's inherited his Daddy's business, allow himself to be linked to such individuals? It boggles the mind. Same goes for any political activist, as the presence of neo-Nazis and white power advocates in the ranks would seem to sully your message. Unless, of course, it's the message itself they're drawn to.

BTW, if you magnify the area just behind Michelle Dallacroce's head, you can just make out my name "Stephen Lemons" written in cursive, with an arrow pointing down to a photo of yours truly on the wall. Reckon they expected me at the shin-dig. I'm touched. Next time invite me, guys, and I'll be sure to show.

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I know Damon personally, and even as someone who isn't a white supremacist myself, find it SUPREMELY ironic that - in an attempt to decry people for painting others with a broad brush dipped in presumption (see also: racism) - you're patently guilty of the very same. He's actually a great guy. And lambasting him for making his page private is intellectual dishonesty in the first degree. He wasn't displaying a tendency to 'hide' any more than a celebrity piefacing an invasive paparazzi is 'hiding'. His private life isn't your business and never will be.

Not that you, or your half-wit compatriots at the Phx New Times have demonstrated a firm grasp of privacy rights in the first place, given how you deftly skirt the issue of our president spying on his own citizens via the NSA. You sure weren't quiet on the Patriot Act, but your silence on Obama's NSA and IRS scandals? Deafening.

Also, your writing style eats (using 'BTW' in an article? What is this, a Jr. High School text message?) not that I'm expecting Tennyson from a vapid, transparently ideological rag like the Phoenix New Times. 


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