Who's the bigger (media) whore: Joe Arpaio or Paris Hilton?

Christ, Joe, put your tongue back in your mouth...

If you have to think about your answer to the question above, you haven't been in Maricopa County for very long. Still even if you're a newbie, watching dirty ol' Joe salivating before cameras over the Paris Hilton controversy taking place over 300 miles west of his jurisdiction should convince you Sheriff Joke's so full of shit that he practically has excrement oozing out of his ears. First he makes a dumb-ass "offer" to LA County Sheriff Lee Baca to house Hilton in Tent City, which is promptly, predictably turned down. Then when this in-and-out b.s. with Hilton being released to house arrest, then shoved back in jail takes place, our squirrely Sheriff can't help himself from shooting his fat mouth off about something he has no say over.

"I think it's disgusting," he's quoted in a butt-kiss article in the Arizona Repugnant online, referring to the putative reason for Paris' release. "I've got 10,000 people in the tents. They've all got medical conditions."

The piece continues, stating that, "If Hilton had served her sentence in Tent City, she would have stayed in the steamy tents with the rest of the inmates."

What a pant-load! Sheriff Joe arranges sweetheart accommodations for any VIPs in his custody. When Arpaio had convicted drunk driver and country music legend Glen Campbell in his clutches back in 2004, the Rhinestone Cowboy didn't stay in the Tents, he got the gold star treatment at a small jail known as the "Mesa Hilton," where all such notables are put up.

As former New Times scribe John Doughtery reported back then:

Arpaio claimed to have shuttered the small Mesa jail several years ago. There's a sign on the front door telling visitors that the facility is closed. But the truth is, Arpaio uses the Mesa jail to house those who can either scratch his back themselves or get it scratched.

Campbell got 10 days in this Mesa Hilton, which Dougherty thereafter dubbed the "Glen Campbell Unit." Eight of them were work-release, meaning Campbell only had to sleep-over during those days. No pink underwear, no sweltering Tent City heat, and the Wichita Lineman got his own cell too.

In what looked like a tit-for-tat, Campbell serenaded Tent City inmates with a concert as he was about to escape Joe's sweaty paws. The result was a classic Joe-staged media event, with Campbell as his monkey on a leash. The press reported that Campbell sang for his "fellow inmates," even though he'd never been in Joe's Tent City hell, a fact that was usually buried deep in journos' stories.

So with the Paris stuff, here we have reporters writing up Arpaio's insane statements, as if they had some legitimacy in the real world, when hypocrite Joe has coddled celebs before, just like folks are alleging Paris was being coddled by LA County.

Arpaio's a media whore, and press dorks are his media Johns, paying for media mattress-service by covering these imbecilic ravings and stunts. I hope they all get a good dose of media Gonorrhea.

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