Porn star birthday party: Vivid contract girl Brea Lynn turns 21 at E4

Me with the mega-fine Brea Lynn on my shoulder...

At the invite of the party people at Marquee Entertainment**, I stopped by E4 in Scottsdale Saturday night to wish Vivid contract star and former Chandler girl Brea Lynn a happy 21st b-day. Lynn moved from Cali to Chandler when she was 15, and apparently was studying to be a nurse at one point when she was discovered by her agent while dancing at Le Girls in Phoenix. (She also danced at Scottsdale's Skin, she said, but not as much.) Since then, she's appeared on the covers of Hustler, Penthouse and Rockstar magazines. Vivid signed her to an exclusive deal last year, and her feature film debut with Vivid, titled Ready, Set, Action was released May 25.

I had to wade through a sea of Scottsdale cheeseballs and cheeseballettes, and the funk of much excess cologne, to find Lynn ensconced behind the DJ booth with a giant glass of Red Bull, cranberry, and Level vodka (the last, one of the night's sponsors). I tried to remain focused on Lynn's petite, cute-as-all-getout features rather than ogle the obvious. I mean, at 32DD-24-34, the gal's a five-car-pileup waiting to happen, but she also seemed genuinely sweet, and not at all snotty, unlike some of the other babes in attendance who were not nearly as fine.

She related that she'd just moved to Orange County a couple of months ago to be closer to the biz, explaining that before being approached, she'd never thought about porn as a profession.

"When my agent found me working at Le Girls Cabaret, I thought he was full of shit at first," she told me. "But then I figured, `All right, I’ll do it.' And it was worth it. I wasn’t being scouted for Vivid. I was being just scouted for magazine work. Vivid was an unexpected thing that I just fell into. If I wouldn’t have gone Vivid, I wouldn’t have done porn in my whole life, but it’s Vivid! It’s a whole different ballpark."

Indeed, Vivid's considered the creme de la creme of the adult industry, and their contract girls are handsomely rewarded for their on-camera exploits. Though she has done boy-girl scenes, she confesses that as far as performing goes, she prefers girl-girl to girl-boy.

"It allows me to be more creative," she said. "There’s so much more you can do with women, and they’re so much more beautiful."

My thoughts exactly.

Asked who she most wanted to work with in the industry, her first choice was no surprise.

"Jenna Jameson, because she’s a fuckin’ legend," Lynn cooed. "I’ve never met her, but I sat behind her at the AVN (Adult Video News) awards. Also Stormy Daniels, I think she’s absolutely gorgeous, I absolutely love her. And Jenna Haze. She’s really hot, and she does great work."

Still, as a newbie, it's tough making pals with the other femmebots in the flesh trade.

"I live all the way in OC, and they live in LA," she sighed. "And it’s hard to be buddy-buddy when you’re so new. It’s like being the new kid at school."

I find it interesting that so many porn stars of today are being discovered in the Valley of the Sun, perhaps due to Jenna Jameson's being out here at one time. (Last I heard, she's still in La-La Land.) And also because of our plethora of strip clubs. Unlike in the past, it's almost like a legitimate career move. Especially if you can work for one of the better companies like Vivid or Wicked.

I bade Lynn adieu, ran the GQ gauntlet again, and headed out to find a copy of Ready, Set, Action. Maybe she really will be "next big thing" in porn, as she touts on her MySpace page. And from Chandler, no less...

**PS: Come to find out that later that the gal who invited me, Casey McCortney, is actually with and So big ups to her.

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