Holy shit, I agree with Darrell Ankarlo! Rosie O'Donnell's a big fat dumb bitch.

Rosie the Rotund takes a hit off the 9/11 troofer crackpipe.

Proving true the adage that even a cracked clock is right twice a day, Mexican immigrant-basher Darrell Ankkkarlo of KTAR 92.3 FM dumped on roly-poly bigmouth Rosie O'Donnell this Tuesday morn re: her support for 9/11 conspiracy theories. And you know what? I agree with the dood! Not only is O'Donnell a fat obnoxious windbag, she's a sanctimonious loony liberal of the highest order. She's offered proof of this by defending Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the guy who recently confessed to beheading Daniel Pearl and masterminding the 9/11 attacks. O'Donnell went Section 8 on that pathetic daytime tea party known as The View, practically weeping tears for KSM, and bemoaning his non-Radisson treatment during his four years in U.S. custody.

The Miss Piggy-esque O'Donnell used an old photograph of KSM from when he was captured and implied that it was taken recently. She made a mockery of KSM's confession, though there is little doubt of his complicity in the 9/11 attacks, save to the rabid rabble of 9/11 conspiranuts. But then, O'Donnell is a member of the wacky troofer tribe, as she declared in a March 15 post to her blog. The post mostly deals with the collapse of World Trade Center building 7, a lodestone of sorts for 9/11 moonbatts howling in the wind. She suggests this was all done to help Bush's buddies in Enron. And considering how well the Enron fiasco turned out for execs Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skilling, murdering 3,000 people for this purpose apparently worked like a charm!

I'm as liberal as the day is long, but babealicious conservative blogger Debbie Schlussel delivers a whithering attack on O'Donnell's froot-loopy post, which regurgitated many of the pat troofer arguments about WTC7: controlled demolition; Larry Silverstein, the guy who leased the WTC, told the fire dept. to "pull it," which troofers wrongly interpret as the order for a controlled demo; and so on. Schlussel writes, "Rosie believes that landlord Silverstein had some sort of conspiracy with the New York Fire Department to bring the building down. (You know--Silverstein? Why, of course, The Joooooos did it.)"

Interestingly, Silverstein's "pull it" statement was made for a 2002 PBS documentary called America Rebuilds, in which Silverstein recalled:

I remember getting a call from the Fire Department commander, telling me they were not sure they were going to be able to contain the fire. I said, you know, "We've had such terrible loss of life that the smartest thing to do is just pull it." And they made that decision to pull it and we watched the [World Trade Center 7] building collapse.

By "pull it," Silverstein meant the firefighter contingent in the building. Essentially, they knew it was going to collapse, and they pulled out the remaining firefighters so they wouldn't be killed. If Silverstein meant what the troofers have twisted his words to mean, why would he say this in a PBS documentary? Does that make any sense at all? Of course not. But neither does any of the rest of the troofer crackpottery.

Then there's the fantasy about a controlled demo. In its report on the collapse of WTC7, The National Institute of Standards and Technology stated, "NIST has seen no evidence that the collapse of WTC 7 was caused by bombs, missiles, or controlled demolition." But of course, according to the 9/11 wackos, NIST is in on the conspiracy!

O'Donnell's a perfect example of someone who hates Bush so much that she buys into the most bizarre falsehoods and batty nonsense to demonize the man. (At this point, I really don't think he needs the help.) Liberals who drink this nasty batch of Kool-Aid are only marginalizing themselves, making themselves look like damn fools who need to be kept far away from the reins of power. Not unlike the clownish O'Donnell herself.

Anyway, kudos to Ankarlo on this one. I hope he takes the time to address this issue again. I still think he's full of racist javelina hockey on the immigration issue. But when it comes to the 9/11 conspiracy crowd, we're oddly on the same freakin' page.

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