The New Times Friday Poll: Who're you feelin' right now, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or Rudy Giuliani?

Obama: Young, smart, good-lookin', with charisma out the wazoo.

Hey, I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat and even I can't stand Hillary Clinton! I mean, she just comes off as a royal, Class A bitch. I loved Bill Clinton. Would be great if we could change the Constitution so he could be President for Life. But Hillary? No way, Jose. Unless the choice is between Clinton and Giuliani. Then I'll have to hold my nose and vote for the lady with the thick ankles. I lived in New York for a minute while Goonliani was il Duce, uh, I mean, Mayor. The guy's a power-mad hypocrite. I don't even really buy the argument that he was so great post-911. While I was trapped in Gotham, I used to say Goonliani was perfect for New York. A city full of assholes needs a Godzilla-sized asshole to lay down the law, perhaps. But that still leaves him being a big ol' butthole, and we currently have a Butthole in Chief. Do we really want another in 2008?

The Rodham: Just look at her, can you see this battle-ax as Prez?

That leaves us with Obama. He's got some of that (Bill) Clinton magic, for sure. And I'm feelin' him as presidential material at this point. Can he win? I don't know. He'll have to be a giant-killer to survive, taking down Hillary first, and then Giuliani, because we all know Giuliani's gonna get the Republican nod if GOPers know what's good for them. I reckon we'll see with time if he's up to the challenge. Our David versus the Hillary and Giuliani goliaths.

The Goonliani: Be afraid, be very afraid...

The New Times Friday poll, as you may have surmised, is thus: "Who're you feelin' at the moment: Obama, Hillary or Goonliani?" All answers from New Times editorial staffers, with your opinions invited. And here we go,

10) "I would say Hillary but I don't think she can be elected, so Rudy, for his experience and confidence."

9) "Yuck. None of the above."

8) "Barack, but I liked him better when he was a smoker."

7) "Sign me up for Obama-rama. I saw him at the Orpheum and he's a total rock star -- young, charismatic, optimistic, and seemingly willing to overlook party lines for the sake of the bigger picture. Plus I've never liked Ghouliani, and my beef with Hillary is my beef with dynasties in general."

6) "I like Obama, but that must be because I'm white."

5) "Actually I think none of them because Giuliani's I-talian, Hillary's a woman, and Obama is black. There ain't no way the uber-white and uber-Christian middle america and Bible Belt is gonna vote for any of them. But if it were purely a contest between the three, I think Giuliani because he's a 'hero of 9/11' (plus his wife is hot)."

4) "Barack Obama... because he is a Kenyan bro." (Note: this staffer hails from Kenya originally.)

3) "I like Barrack Obama, though he has an obvious problem getting elected in red-neck America. Or does he? He doesn't exactly come across as Fifty Cent. People like to harp that he lacks experience, but so did Bll Clinton, who had only governed the little state of Arkansas (a smaller job than mayor of Phoenix)."

2) "Are you nuts? Giuliani, dood! He's got balls of steel after 9/11. I know all the chicks wanna bang Obama, but he has no experience. And everyone with sense hates Hillary."

and the Number One response to the Obama-Clinton-Giuliani Friday poll is,

1) "Obama cuz he's black, idealistic, and not a bitter ol' school marm. It takes a village my ass."

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