Holocaust denier Eric D. Williams DEMOTED by 9/11 conference.

Holocaust denier Eric Williams chills with one of his own wack-ass tomes.

The bloggers at ScrewLooseChange just caught the fact that Holocaust denier Eric Williams, author of the Shoah-shirking book The Puzzle of Auschwitz, has been demoted from "Conference Director" to "vendor coordinator" in the last 24 hours or so. However, they note that,

...he's still scheduled to give a one-hour speech on the opening day, the mission statement on Saturday, appear on three panels....And they still show Charles Goyette on Friday night.

Next to Goyette's pic on the 911Accountability.org "Program" page is the word "Tentative," in parentheses. Still, they have him on a list of "Confirmed Speakers" on the same page. Goyette, the morning host at KFNX 1100 AM, told me on Thursday that he has not confirmed, nor will he attend the conference. So what gives? Why won't they take his name off? Do they plan to put a pod beside Goyette's bed a la Invasion of the Body Snatchers? Thing is Goyette's one of the biggest names they can boast. Without him, it's a major crackpot parade, with a few exceptions.

BTW, according to ScrewLooseChange, Williams owns the domain name for 911Accountability.org. So essentially, he demoted himself...? Nutty.

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Hmmm. Williams might have been the deuce dropped in that men's room pee trough. By this point in the 21st Century, I would have thought that most high school and college educated persons could have figured that that the photographs of Gen. Eisenhower touring the newly liberated Nazi death camps with there nearly ghostly looking, famished inmates would have been accepted as verified. Perhaps there is hope for Mr. Avery given his discernment in having withdrawn from this conference.

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