$50 for the "Fucking" Rebel

William "Fucking" Reed: His middle name ain't "Fucking" for nothin'.

We at the New Times, being the bad boys (and girls) of journalism, want to reward those at Get Out attempting to breathe some life into that moribund institution. Why? Well, because we know G.O.'s editors are generally a buncha tools and we like to fuck with such L7s. It's not only fun, it's good for the trade! So for the rebel on the Get Out staff who tried to put the "fucking" back into William "Fucking" Reed, we're offering a $50 cash reward, if you'll just come forward. We won't reveal your name, or do anything to burn you. But we would like to know more. You can contact me directly at the number or e-mail below:

602-229-8426; Stephen.Lemons@newtimes.com

C'mon, it's $50! Plus, don't you wanna twist the knife on the screws who'll pay $12,000 to expunge the word "fucking" from Get Out papers, but won't give you a $12K raise or bonus? And it's totally safe. The last thing we want to do is out you. We want you right where you are, where you'll hopefully do it again someday.

For inspiration, here's a pic of William "Fucking" Reed. He thinks the whole thing is "Fucking hilarious!" In fact, he'll throw in free entry to one of his many club nights around the Valley to the person who comes forward for the $50 prize. According to Reed, "Fucking's never been a problem for me," and he gives kudos to the gremlin responsible.

FYI: Reed writes for Java magazine; has many gigs 'round town, such as Shake! at the Rogue, and a new night called Pretty Vacant at Anderson's. He also hosts an awesome two hours of music on 101.5 Free FM from 10p.m. to Midnight every Sunday called "The Last Broadcast," where he plays cool new music from bands like Moving Units and I'm a Robot. Learn all about him at his MySpace account, here: William "Fucking" Reed.

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