Camille Paglia, this one's for you...

The Great Camille Paglia: Feminazi slayer, diva and intellectual nonpareil.

Below find some recent correspondence between myself and the Maryland-based Center for Nursing Advocacy's Senior SOLE Advisor Harry Jacobs Summers, hubby of Executive Director Sandy Summers. For all intents and purposes, it looks like the Summers ARE the CNA. The CNA basically spends all of its time shrilly squawking about images of "sexy nurses," while ironically posting said sexy images all over its site. Clear as mother's milk? Thought so. Lately, they've been decrying Tempe's Heart Attack Grill for its sexist use of waitresses in -- you guessed it -- naughty nurse outfits. Why do such pathetic advocacy groups exist? So that people like the Summers have something to do. And maybe to score a few speaking fees for Sandy while they're at it. How much of an honorarium do you normally get, Sandy? Come on, you can tell us.

BTW, I dedicate this exchange to Camille Paglia, author of Sexual Personae, the brave woman who single-handedly defeated the Goliath of extremist feminism in the '90s. Please note that Summers' first response appeared on my initial post regarding the subject, and that is linked here and below.

From: November 16, 2006 @ 10:23 am

Feathered Bastard (Stephen Lemons) attacks the Center for Nursing
Advocacy and its efforts to persuade the Heart Attack Grill to stop
using "naughty nurse" imagery. The Center has argued that the global
media's constant use of such imagery is one factor in the deadly nursing
shortage, which stems in large part from a lack of resources and the
respect it takes to get them.

But there is little substance in the misogynistic rant Lemons posts in
response. Instead, there are tired schoolyard insults, such as the
cutting-edge "feminazis," and lazy distortions about what the Center
really does.

Lemons, who writes about food and culture, claims to find it "ironic"
that the Center posts examples of the imagery it analyzes. But that
makes it much easier for both supporters and skeptics to see what the
Center is talking about. Of course those images themselves attract many
people to the Center's site--and they are just the people the Center
wants to be confronted with its arguments. Contrary to Lemons' apparent
belief, the Center takes no position on sexual imagery in general. Spank
those feathers any way you wish, Mr. Bastard! Nor does the Center care
if the Grill does more short-term business as a result of the media
attention the Center has drawn to it.

Of course, the Center would like the Grill and others to stop
effectively spitting in the faces of the nurses who may some day save
their lives. But it can only ask such public speakers to consider the
effects when they tell the world that nurses are brainless bimbos,
handmaidens, or angels. Under Lemons' logic, no one should ever ask
media speakers to avoid ethnic or gender slurs, or to stop telling lies,
because that would be "thought control." The Center would settle for
just thought.

But the Center is tempted to encourage Lemons to keep slanging those who
are trying to improve public understanding of nursing. That might help
the Center get its issues media attention that is, as Lemons complains,
"out of all proportion" to the group's membership.

On Nov 16, 2006, at 12:53 PM, Stephen Lemons wrote:

Thanks for the e-mail. Just posted it to the blog. Lemme know when you
guys plan to go after kids' Halloween costumes. Garp's mom would be

>>> Harry Summers 11/16/06 8:28 PM >>>

but no more proud than the people of Dr. Stockmann's town would be of

I also find your belief that light-hearted media has no effect on
what people think fascinating, given your career. I suppose kids in
particular, since you mention them, could not possibly be affected by
anything society tells them about nurses, or, by the same token, by
anything at all. it certainly sets my mind at ease about the rugrats.

even so, your Male Nurse Action Figure is on the way.

and my last reply...

That's always the excuse of those preaching censorship, isn't it? The kids. There's more blood, gore and sex in the Bible or Shakespeare, Mr. Summers, than there is in anything your wife rails against. But let's be honest, you don't give a rat's a-hole about "the kids." What you care about is getting publicity for your tiny team of pseudo-prudes, and making sure your wife pulls in the speaking gigs. Hey, knock yourself out. This battle was fought and won in the '90s by one Camille Paglia. She so trampled over Stalinist feminists, and to such a degree, there's nothing left but a few aged hairlips out there with yellowed photos of Gloria Steinem taped to their mantelpieces. Sniff. My heart bleeds for you and your wife, Mr. Summers, it really does. The dustbin of history is surely a musty place to live out your days.

Nice Ibsen reference, though. I'll give you that. They make you read that in college?


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